Before we get into the meat and potatoes of how much encapsulating a crawl space costs, we want to point out the variables that will affect the price:

1- Size of the crawl space.

2- How tall the crawl space is.

3- What type of work is going to be done.

Now that we have established the 3 determining factors, let's discuss the price. Keep in mind that crawl space repair is a very broad statement. To you, crawl space repair may be just fixing insulation. Well, something like that, you're probably looking anywhere between $500 and $1500, depending on how big your crawl space is.

If you've got a crawl space that's two and a half feet tall and it's harder to maneuver, it's going to cost more man-hours to address than a crawl space that's maybe four feet tall. If you've got a six-foot-tall crawl space and you're insulating the walls, it's going to take more material and man-hours to insulate the walls of a six-foot crawl space than it is a four-foot crawl space. So all of these things have to be thought about and talked about during your inspection process.

How We Calculate Pricing

Let's start with crawl space encapsulation. Since crawl space encapsulation means different things to different people, and depending on the size of your crawl space ... Let's take about a 1000 to 1500 square foot crawl space. You're probably looking at about $5,000 to $15,000 just to encapsulate. We would consider encapsulation removing and replacing the vapor barrier, making sure it's insulated, installing a dehumidifier and making sure it's properly ventilated.

Then you come with the next step: mold. If your crawl space doesn't have mold, you're looking between $5,000 and $15,000 to encapsulate. If you have mold, that's different. How are you going to address the mold? Are you just going to squirt the joist with some kind of cleaner? Are you going to soda blast and then put on a cleaner? Or are you going to soda blast, cleaner, and then put on a preventative? So all these things kind of have a range, if you will.

So according to national averages, what you're looking at, just to address mold, not including encapsulation, you're looking at about 5000 to $7800. Now that also takes in consideration a living space. So let's say you had a 1000 square foot house, and you needed a water restoration company to come in and address mold. That statistic kind of includes that. Well, it's harder to address mold in a crawl space. So that 5000 to $7800 could be a little more if it's soda blasting or if you've got to air seal, different things like that.

And then lastly, believe it or not, this is not included in crawl space encapsulation either, is addressing standing water because not every crawl space needs to address standing water. So the statistic to address standing water in a crawl space could be anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000, depending on the size of the crawl space. Do you need multiple sump pumps? Do you have water in the middle of the crawl space percolating up, versus just coming through the outside? Are you near a body of water that's causing a lot of water intrusion to come in? Do you need to address water inside the crawl space as well as rerouting downspouts and maybe putting in a French drain? So all those things can add up, and that can be expensive.

So what we've found is that crawl space encapsulation, if you add all of those things together, could be on the low end $5000 and on the high end $35,000, depending on how much repair your crawl space needs.

So what I would do if I was you is make sure you choose a company that's got a good reputation. Make sure you choose a company that doesn't base their estimates on the neighborhood you live in. All of our estimates are actually based on the size of your crawl space. If you're living in a neighborhood where all of the houses around you are 1000 square feet and your house is 2500 square feet, well, guess what? You're going to be more expensive to fix because you have a bigger crawl space. If you want a 12 mil vapor barrier versus a 10 mil, or you want a larger dehumidifier versus a smaller dehumidifier, you want soda blasting versus non-soda blasting to address mold, all of that has to do with the cost of crawl space repair in your area.

So just make sure you do your research. Do your homework. And then if you need to get multiple estimates, obviously get multiple estimates and do a comparison of what each crawl space contractor's going to do. And then choose the one that you think is going to do the best job and is going to be around long enough to service those mechanical devices that they put in the crawl space.

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