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Want to be a part of the  Crawl Space Ninja Repair Myths Busted   Launch Team?

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We here at Crawl Space Ninja have some exciting news! Founder and CEO Michael Church is releasing a new book. “Crawl Space Repair Myths - Busted” aims to show homeowners how they can improve their home’s indoor air quality by repairing their crawl space.

Michael is offering a special opportunity for you to be part of the book’s release.  Simply fill out the form below and you can be a part of the Ninja Launch Team. By doing so, we’ll send you a PDF copy of the book for you to read before it’s published. In exchange for getting a pre-release copy of the book, we ask that you will commit to purchasing the digital copy for 99 cents once it is released on Amazon and hopefully write a 5-star review of the book. This ensures that we get to number one on Amazon.

From Michael and all of us at Crawl Space Ninja, have a happy and blessed day!

Crawl Space Repair Myths Busted Book