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The Vollara Fresh Air Personal: Clean Air On The Go

By Eric | Feb 16, 2018

10 years ago Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, introduced the world to a little device that would revolutionize the way we used our phones. Fast forward to today, and there are a great variety of little gadgets that improve our lives in one way or another. In the future our lives will be transformed by…

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garage flooded small

How To Keep Water Out of Your Garage

By Eric | Feb 9, 2018

You’ve just closed on your new home: a stunning 5 bedroom 3 bathroom Victorian with a three car garage, and you got it for an unbelievable price. It was a steal! (What were the sellers thinking?) You smile in self-satisfaction as you lay down for your first night’s sleep in your new home, as the…

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flu virus

Tips for Avoiding the Aussie Flu Virus

By Eric | Feb 2, 2018

The severity of the flu virus depends on what strain it is. Some strains can be downright dangerous or even deadly while others amount to a mildly annoying setback that leaves you in bed for a couple of weeks. The thing is, the virus is constantly mutating and evolving so it’s hard to know which…

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whole home dehumidifier install locations

Six Places To Install Your Whole Home Dehumidifier

By Eric | Jan 24, 2018

Large, powerful, and very heavy. They’re called ‘whole home dehumidifiers’ for a reason. For one, these things are often powerful enough to control humidity over your entire home (depending upon the square footage). Also, there are just so many places you can install them in your home.   In Your Crawlspace Why install a dehumidifier…

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A Quick Guide To Aprilaire Dehumidifier Error Codes

By Eric | Jan 19, 2018

Aprilaire makes some of the best whole-home dehumidifier units out there on the market today. But sometimes things go wrong with the unit and require your attention. Most of these problems are benign, and with the right knowhow can be resolved quickly. Others, are more serious and might need the attention of a professional. To…

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Crawl Space Humidity Solutions

By Eric | Jan 12, 2018

It can be hard to keep your crawl space free of mold, water and humidity. But it’s not impossible. Believe it or not there are crawl spaces out there that are dry, clean, and pleasant places to spend time. Not that you’d want to spend all your time in a crawl space. (Actually, in some…

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Should I Remove Old Vapor Barrier?

By Eric | Jan 5, 2018

My crawl space is fine. I had plastic put down there years ago! If this is your line of thinking, you might be setting yourself up for unnecessary effort and expense in the future. The reason being that unfortunately, simply putting vapor barrier (crawl space plastic sheeting) down is not enough to solve all the…

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Fiberglass Insulation Respirator Mask

By Michael Church | Nov 14, 2017

Make sure you are wearing a fiberglass insulation respirator mask! Before going into your crawl space, you need to be aware of the dangers of breathing insulation, mold, dust and all the other harmful stuff that can be floating in the air. As you crawl in, you immediately start stirring up everything that has landed…

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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Crawl Space Encapsulation

By Michael Church | Oct 4, 2017

If you are like most homeowners, the thought of spending thousands of dollars on a part of your house you probably never go in seems ridiculous. The idea of this e-book is to inform you as to why investing in the crawl space will not only improve your home’s value but also the health, structure and efficiency of your home.
Let’s begin with why your crawl space is there.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Videos

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