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Aprilaire 1820 Dehumidifier FAQs

By Michael Church | Oct 22, 2018

If you are looking for a great crawl space dehumidifier the Aprilaire 1820 dehumidifier is quickly becoming one of our best sellers online for many DIY crawl space projects. This product’s sleek design mixed with its low weight compared to other dehumidifiers makes it easier to get in the crawl space if doing the DIY…

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Should I Seal My Crawl Space Vent or Install a Fan

By Michael Church | Oct 12, 2018

Recently we went to a crawl space that had the vents sealed by a competitor and new vapor barrier installed almost a year ago. The homeowner was concerned because they noticed a musty smell coming from the crawl space and condensation not only on the crawl space heating and air ducts but also on the…

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Heavy Rain Causes Crawl Space Flooding

By Michael Church | Oct 6, 2018

Last week while installing several Hybrid Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems™ in East Tennessee, we suffered torrential downpours and flash flooding. The heavy rains caused problems in many of the crawl space projects we were working on. Although previously there was no evidence of standing water in those crawl spaces, in no time many of them…

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Aprilaire Dehumidifier Maintenance DIY

By Michael Church | Sep 28, 2018

Making sure you’re Aprilaire dehumidifier is maintained properly is crucial to insuring your basement, crawl space and other parts of your living space keep the low humidity required to minimize mold growth throughout your home. Best Humidity Range Depending on what organization you talk to the rule of thumb is to keep relative humidity below…

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Crawl Space Ninja Opens Cleveland TN Location

By Michael Church | Sep 21, 2018

We have been truly blessed to have homeowners needing crawl space repair in the Chattanooga Tennessee area to request that we do service for them. We specialize in crawl space encapsulation and recently we were able to find a location in Cleveland Tennessee so that we can now service Athens, Soddy Daisy, Chattanooga, Signal Mountain,…

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Realtors – Be Careful Who You Refer!

By Michael Church | Sep 14, 2018

Has This Ever Happened to You? Recently we were called out to look at a crawl space that was encapsulated by a competitor less than a year ago. This crawl space was under contract to be sold last year and the buyer’s realtor recommended that this company (which will go nameless) do the job. Well,…

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Insulating Floor Over Dirt Crawl Space

By Michael Church | Sep 7, 2018

Should I Insulate the Floor Over My Dirt Crawl Space? People ask me all the time if insulation is necessary in the crawl space. If you are thinking of insulating the floor over a dirt crawl space, we recommend you think about the long term of what you will be doing with the crawl space.…

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Before & After

By Michael Church | Jul 13, 2018

Crawl Space Encapsulation Performed in Knoxville TN Crawl Space Sump Pump Crawl space sump pumps are vital if you have standing water coming in from the foundation walls, crawl space floor or where the walls meet the concrete footer. Crawl Space Footer Drains The crawl space sump pump when used properly with a crawl space…

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Should I Level the Dirt in My Crawl Space

By Michael Church | Jul 6, 2018

  Leveling Crawl Space Dirt Okay, so before I get into whether leveling the dirt in your crawl space is necessary, we got this great guide that we’re giving away, and it’s about the three asthma triggers that most homes have and what you can do about it. So, make sure you check it out…

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Videos

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