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Fiberglass Insulation Respirator Mask image

Fiberglass Insulation Respirator Mask

By Michael Church | Nov 14, 2017

Make sure you are wearing a fiberglass insulation respirator mask! Before going into your crawl space, you need to be aware of the dangers of breathing insulation, mold, dust and all the other harmful stuff that can be floating in the air. As you crawl in, you immediately start stirring up everything that has landed…

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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Crawl Space Encapsulation

By Michael Church | Oct 4, 2017

If you are like most homeowners, the thought of spending thousands of dollars on a part of your house you probably never go in seems ridiculous. The idea of this e-book is to inform you as to why investing in the crawl space will not only improve your home’s value but also the health, structure and efficiency of your home.
Let’s begin with why your crawl space is there.

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Image of Spray Foam Wall Insulation_Crawl Space

How to Insulate Crawl Space Wall That is Stone or Brick

By Michael Church | Sep 7, 2017

I recently received a question via our YouTube Channel from Neil in New Hampshire: “hi Mike, your videos have been very informative thank you. (thank you Neil 🙂 ) I’m about to encapsulate my crawl space and could use some advice. I live in New Hampshire where it is extremely humid in the summer and…

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All About the Compact2 and Advance2 Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

By Eric Turner | Aug 23, 2017

  The purpose of this article is to provide you a bit of unbiased product information about the Compact2 and Advance2 Santa Fe Whole-home Dehumidifiers, to help you make a decision about whether or not you might like to purchase one at some point in the future.   We decided to create this because we…

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Top 5

5 Common Types Of Mold Often Found In Homes

By Oscar Rivera | Aug 11, 2017

Mold is everywhere. There are a great many different kinds of mold in this world. Each mold has its own unique characteristic, and some can even represent a danger to the health of humans and animals. It is worth noting that the world has more than 100 types of mold. Some of these molds have…

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encapsulated crawl space

Common Crawl Space Encapsulation and Ventilation Questions Answered

By Michael Church | Jun 23, 2017

Are you a little bit confused about crawl space ventilation and encapsulation? It’s okay if you are, because if you ask 4 different service providers you are likely to get 4 different answers… Some companies try to take shortcuts that lead to your crawlspace not being up to code, and not to mention that several…

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Tree Damage

How Mold Can INVADE Your Home After a Storm (Tree Falls On House)

By Eric Turner | Jun 14, 2017

Storm damage and mold are topics nobody really cares to talk about, until it happens to them. When nature does decide to pay you a visit, it can sometimes arrive with such suddenness and ferocity, that you don’t have much time to prepare. And this ferocity became very apparent to me a few weeks back,…

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how to remove mold smell

How to Remove Mold Smell From Anything – The Magic Formula That Does It All

By Michael Church | Jun 6, 2017

Eww! Gross! Have you ever walked into a room or got into your car and thought to yourself, “What in the world is that smell?” We’ve all been there…Whether it’s a half-eaten burrito that got left in the fridge too long or a pork roast spill (See video below for actual pork roast spill)  the…

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Pump Sentry Sump Pump Battery Backup

Sump Pump Battery Backups-Are They Worth the Investment and Do I Need One?

By Michael Church | Jun 6, 2017

  Can you remember the last time you had a power outage? It most likely happened during a severe storm, right?  Doesn’t that always seem to be the time when everything gets the most chaotic and your world goes from sunshine and rainbows to horror and dismay at the speed of lightning? During these rough…

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