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Image of Crawl Space Repair Before and After

Crawl Space Encapsulation Before & After

By Michael Church | Jul 13, 2018

Crawl Space Encapsulation Performed in Knoxville TN Crawl Space Sump Pump Crawl space sump pumps are vital if you have standing water coming in from the foundation walls, crawl space floor or where the walls meet the concrete footer. Crawl Space Footer Drains The crawl space sump pump when used properly with a crawl space…

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Should I Level the Dirt in My Crawl Space

By Michael Church | Jul 6, 2018

  Leveling Crawl Space Dirt Okay, so before I get into whether leveling the dirt in your crawl space is necessary, we got this great guide that we’re giving away, and it’s about the three asthma triggers that most homes have and what you can do about it. So, make sure you check it out…

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Image of poorly installed crawl space door

Crawl Space Door

By Michael Church | Jun 15, 2018

Crawl Space Door Replacement If you are getting your crawl space encapsulation done by a professional crawl space encapsulation company, you may want to consider investing money on a great crawl space door. A crawl space door is often overlooked during the encapsulation process, so we recommend you have a well-insulated, air sealed door with…

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mold killer image

Mold Remediation Mistakes #3 – Applying Mold Cleaner Properly

By Michael Church | Jun 8, 2018

So you have proper containment setup and you are controlling the humidity with a dehumidifier. Now you need to decide what type of mold disinfectant to use and how to apply it. If you are removing mold from inside your living space make sure all Sheetrock that has visible signs of mold or water damage…

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Waterproofing paint image

Waterproofing Paint in Crawl Space

By Michael Church | Jun 1, 2018

  Applying Waterproofing Paint Applying waterproofing paint in a crawl space can be extremely difficult, but is it worth it? The waterproofing paint manufacturing industry makes a great product. In many cases, the problem is not the waterproofing paint but how it is applied. The waterproofing paint has been tested to withstand water intrusion through…

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Rim joist insulation Crawl Space Ninja

Rim Joist Insulation vs Sill Plate Insulation

By Michael Church | May 25, 2018

  Crawl Space Rim Joist Insulation Insulating the crawl space properly is a great way to not only save money but to make your home more comfortable. Many crawl space encapsulation contractors refuse to install any crawl space insulation much less go as far as air sealing the crawl space and insulating the rim joist…

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Crawl Space Insulation Knoxville | Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Insulation-Should I Insulate?

By Michael Church | May 18, 2018

  Crawl Space Insulation is Key to Energy Efficiency When I meet with clients to discuss working on their crawl space, the question of whether or not to insulate the crawl space is always a topic of discussion. If they have met with other crawl space encapsulation contractors there is normally a look of too much…

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What Happens When Your Sump Pump Loses Power?

By Michael Church | May 11, 2018

We’ve all been there before. You’re at home, sitting in your nice fluffy chair by the fireplace, hot cocoa in one hand and your favorite book in another, as the rain pours down in buckets outside. When all of a sudden, poof, the power’s out! You fumble around in the dark and finally find your phone,…

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Wet Crawl Space and Your Air conditioner

Wet Crawl Spaces and Your Air Conditioner

By Michael Church | May 4, 2018

Summer is quickly approaching and you will be turning on your air conditioning very soon if you haven’t already. We love our conditioned spaces but many people don’t consider how conditioning the living space affects the crawl space. In fact, most people don’t even consider the crawl space part of their home even though it…

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