Crawl Space Ninja Launches FREE Crawl Space Referral Program

Crawl space encapsulation work can get pretty costly depending on things like the size of your crawlspace and the complexity of the issues needing to be solved. But imagine getting your crawl space encapsulated for free! We’re rolling out a new referral program that gives you credit for each person you refer to us. Refer enough people and your own crawl space work will be paid off!

How does the program work?

Well, first you need to be a Crawl Space Ninja customer. If we’ve done work for you or will be doing work for you, you’re golden! We need you to be a customer because that means that we’ll automatically have your information in our database. Once you’re a customer, all you need to do is refer 5 people. For each person you refer you’ll earn a portion of your crawl space encapsulation cost. (give us a call for more details on the specifics of the program such as how much you can actually earn per referral)

How can I start earning?

This is the easy part. Since we do such great work (check out all our 5-star google reviews) you’ll be eager to tell your story to anyone suffering from similar crawl space issues. For example, say you’re at a Thanksgiving dinner and you hear your uncle Ned talk about how there’s this awful smell emanating from under his home? That would be the perfect time to share with your uncle how you were able to solve your crawl space issues with Crawl Space Ninja. If uncle Ned goes on to give us a call and we end up servicing his crawl space and solving the odor issue, you get money back from the cost of your crawl space encapsulation work credited back to you! (We’ll send you a check).

Can I refer more than 5 people?

Absolutely! However, please note that only the first 5 people you refer will get you the level of reward that we’re offering in this program. Any referrals after that point will earn you a smaller reward (give us a call for details).

What if the person I refer does not go on to be a customer with you?

In the event that you referred somebody and they gave us a call and we came out to their home to give them a free assessment yet they decided not to purchase crawl space encapsulation services – don’t fret, we’ll still give you a small reward for your effort. reward (give us a call for details).

What are other benefits of the program?

Well for one, we’re a premiere crawl space encapsulation company so you can refer people with confidence, knowing that they are in the best of hands. We also happen to be the only company that we know of in the crawl space encapsulation space that is doing such a referral program.

I’m already a customer. How do I start?

Great to hear! You can start right now by heading over to our rewards page and filling out the form where you can enter up to 5 people as your referrals. Or give us a call if you have any specific questions that are not answered on this page.

But I’m not a customer… How do I start?

Let’s first start by addressing your crawl space! Give us a call or fill out this form for a free in-home assessment. If you decide to use us for your crawl space encapsulation work and become a customer, anybody you refer after that point would be credited to you in this referral program!