Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Exterior Basement WaterproofingPicture of French Drain installed exterior basement waterproofing

If your basement or crawl space is wet or flooding, chances are the exterior membrane or footer drain has failed. Exterior basement waterproofing is a great way to correct these problems. Poorly installed or collapsed french drains and downspouts can also cause issues that would require exterior basement waterproofing. Our goal is to provide the best solution for your home that fits your budget and long term goals. Sometimes interior basement waterproofing is the best answer but we feel it is not the only answer. We want to make sure your home is protected for years to come.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing – Not as Popular as Interiorpicture of pipe in dirt exterior basement waterproofing

True waterproofing is performed from the outside. Exterior basement waterproofing involves excavating the dire from the cinderblock or concrete walls in order to repair or replace damaged membranes and footer drains. Exterior waterproofing is not as popular as interior basement waterproofing for a few reasons. One problem is after years of tree and shrub growth it can be more difficult to perform exterior basement waterproofing. Sidewalks and driveways also hinder the work. HVAC systems located outside the home, decks and sunrooms can also pose problems when waterproofing the outside of your home. For these reasons and more, some feel interior waterproofing is a better and more economical solutions.

Advantages of Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Interior basement waterproofing has it’s challenges as well. One advantage to waterproofing the basement from the outside is we are able to properly insulate the basement from the outside without losing interior space. If you are finishing your basement many times a 1 inch fir strip is used to hang sheetrock. Code requires an R10 insulation in a basement and 1 inch is R3. When the foundation wall is excavated an R10 termite resistant foam board can be applied below dirt levels on walls that are completely underground.

picture of free exterior basement waterproofing assessment