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When choosing a mold removal company in Knoxville, it's important to make sure they have a great reputation and understand the protocol it takes to safely remove mold from your home.

Safely removing mold from your home involves setting up mold containment, using proper air scrubbing technologies and green disinfectants.

Why should the chemicals used to remove mold be more harmful than the mold itself? Did you know the State of Tennessee Department of Agriculture requires mold remediation professionals that use EPA registered products to have a pest control license?

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I'm a contractor and I have very high standards for my crews and subs. We do work for ORNL, Y12, and many other government agencies that have the highest of requirements a contractor will have to meet. It's a rarity that a contractor exceeds my expectations but from sales, to installation to billing crawl space ninja is very professional and a contractor who gets my seal of approval. They could have recommended more expensive options (like some of the other companies) but instead they recommended the right option for my problem. The price was reasonable and they also did a job for my neighbor. They are honest, competent and reasonably priced for the services they perform. Highly recommended. Michael Mincey, Knoxville TN

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Mold Removal in Kitchen

Many kitchens suffer mold damage because leaks can go on for months and even years. Mold removal in Knoxville kitchens needs to be done in a way not to damage counter tops, appliances, cabinets and flooring if at all possible. Making sure the mold infected area is dry prior to starting is crucial to ensuring the mold will not return.

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Black Mold - Stachybotrys

There is a lot of misinformation out there about "black mold" and its impact. First off, stachybotrys is black mold and not all mold that is black in color is stachybotrys. Stachybotrys grows in areas with long term water damage and can be difficult to pick-up on mold air samples. Black mold does love to grow on drywall that is hidden behind objects and is continuously wet like behind the washer. Don't let a contractor scare you into thinking you have stachybotrys unless it has been confirmed with a test by a microbiology lab.

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Hidden Mold Removal

Hidden molds are one of the toughest to locate simply because many times the only indication is a musty smell. Mold inspections with air samples and moisture readings can be done fairly inexpensively and will give the mold removal contractor the information they need to find the hidden mold as well as address mold removal properly.

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Aspergillosis - Aspergillus Mold

Aspergillosis is a disease caused by aspergillus molds and can affect humans and animals. Captive wild birds are especially susceptible to the disease. Aspergillosis can cause upper and lower respiratory infections in birds, dogs and humans. Most humans with healthy immune systems can fight off Aspergillosis but no one is immune. Humans with COPD, asthma or other immune deficiencies are most affected. Children and senior citizens exposed to any molds over a long period of time may have allergic reactions.

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Mold Removal Containment

When mold removal contractors come in and start tearing out mold covered walls or vinyl flooring it is essential they create proper mold removal containment. Mold containment is designed to help keep mold spores from infiltrating other areas of the home but it also helps to keep people out of the area. Mold can be picked up by clothing and spread as well.

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Penicillium Mold

Penicillium molds are most well known for creating the antibiotic Penicillin. Some species of penicillium can be harmful because they, along with stachybotrys and aspergillus can create mycotoxins. These are especially dangerous for children and those with immune difficiencies. A micotoxin is sorta like if you have gasoline in a jar with the lid off. The gas in the jar would be the mold and the fumes would be the micotoxin. Micotoxins are able to cause disease and death in both humans and animals.

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