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Oak Ridge, TN

The crew at Crawl Space Ninja just finished some major work at my family's home. They were always professional and courteous. Their work was excellent and more than I could ask for. They explained everything in explicit detail to make sure I understood what needed to be done, what was wrong, the cost options I had and whether they were all necessary or a convenience. I really appreciated their honesty and workmanship.

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Oak Ridge, TN Hybrid Crawl Space Encapsulation System FAQs

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Oak Ridge is located in Anderson and Roane counties in East Tennessee right outside of Knoxville. It was established in 1942 as a production site for the Manhattan Project, the operation that developed the atomic bomb during World War II. It was chosen for its small population and more “hidden” location. It became known as the Secret City during that time, and today they hold a festival each year featuring the same name to celebrate that history. Oak Ridge is still home to Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Y-12 and X-10 are the only two facilities still standing that were used in wartime bomb production.

It is a lakefront community, as Melton Hill Lake borders the city. Here there are rowing competitions and opportunities for kayaking and paddle boarding. There are also several miles of walking trails along the lake that also attach to other parks like Haw Ridge.  created after Melton Hill Dam in 1963, known for rowing competitions, Watts Bar Lake on the other borders.

The historic Jackson Square area is home to many local favorites. Big Ed’s Pizza opened in 1970 and was named USA Today’s 51 Greatest Pizza Parlors in the Country in 2013. The Annual Lavender Festival is a day long event full of vendors and craftsmen selling their goods, including lavender. Oak Ridge Playhouse offers near 20 productions each year. It is a small venue featuring a variety of productions for anyone and everyone.

There are also several learning opportunities available in Oak Ridge. The University of Tennessee Arboretum is a 250 acre research and education facility with over 2500 specimens and nice walking trails where you can learn about native and exotic plants. There are two museums you can visit, the Science and Energy Museum and the Children’s Museum.

Crawl Space Ninja is proudly serving the Oak Ridge, Tennessee area. We provide our Hybrid Crawl Space Encapsulation service, which includes our “No Cat Pee Guarantee” vapor barrier, along with mold removal, humidity control options, crawl space insulation, and more.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Videos

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Image of Crawl Space Repair Before and After

Crawl Space Encapsulation Before & After

Crawl Space Encapsulation Performed in Knoxville TN Crawl Space Sump Pump Crawl space sump pumps are vital if you have standing water coming in from the foundation walls, crawl space floor or where the walls meet the concrete footer. Crawl Space Footer Drains The crawl space sump pump when used properly with a crawl space…
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Should I Level the Dirt in My Crawl Space

  Leveling Crawl Space Dirt Okay, so before I get into whether leveling the dirt in your crawl space is necessary, we got this great guide that we’re giving away, and it’s about the three asthma triggers that most homes have and what you can do about it. So, make sure you check it out…
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Image of poorly installed crawl space door

Crawl Space Door

Crawl Space Door Replacement If you are getting your crawl space encapsulation done by a professional crawl space encapsulation company, you may want to consider investing money on a great crawl space door. A crawl space door is often overlooked during the encapsulation process, so we recommend you have a well-insulated, air sealed door with…
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Waterproofing paint image

Waterproofing Paint in Crawl Space

  Applying Waterproofing Paint Applying waterproofing paint in a crawl space can be extremely difficult, but is it worth it? The waterproofing paint manufacturing industry makes a great product. In many cases, the problem is not the waterproofing paint but how it is applied. The waterproofing paint has been tested to withstand water intrusion through…
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Rim joist insulation Crawl Space Ninja

Rim Joist Insulation vs Sill Plate Insulation

  Crawl Space Rim Joist Insulation Insulating the crawl space properly is a great way to not only save money but to make your home more comfortable. Many crawl space encapsulation contractors refuse to install any crawl space insulation much less go as far as air sealing the crawl space and insulating the rim joist…
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What Happens When Your Sump Pump Loses Power?

We’ve all been there before. You’re at home, sitting in your nice fluffy chair by the fireplace, hot cocoa in one hand and your favorite book in another, as the rain pours down in buckets outside. When all of a sudden, poof, the power’s out! You fumble around in the dark and finally find your phone,…
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