Videos to Watch Before Your Appointment

We’ve compiled the most informative videos for our customers to watch before their initial appointment. These cover our primary warranty-backed services in detail and answer frequently asked questions. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation Before and After Time-Lapse

Crawl Space Ninja just completed a Gold Encapsulation Project with soda blasting. Take a look to see the crawl space transformed from beginning to end. Also, soda blasting is not shown, but do you notice when it happens?

Is Crawl Space Mold Dangerous?

Crawl space mold is usually found when a crawl space has high humidity. Most crawl space encapsulation contractors will install plastic but leave old the most vital mold prevention technology, the dehumidifier.

5 Reasons Humidity Is High After Crawl Space Encapsulation

Many people invest in crawl space encapsulation and some experience high humidity after the encapsulation is complete. What are some of the reasons for high humidity in the crawl space after encapsulation?

Crawl Space Air Seal Insulation

In this video, Michael talks about the three most crucial crawl space air seals to keep your home energy efficient and warm this winter and to have better indoor air quality for your family.

Rim Joist Insulation - Why Air Seal Rim Joists?

In this video, Michael explains why you should apply rim joist insulation and the proper way to insulate the rim joists. Building Science says the rim joists is a critical seal. It may be as vital as an insulation point as the attic and walls but it is many times overlooked as a viable insulation option.
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