Crawl Space Encapsulation FAQs

What is the Ninja Crawl Space Encapsulation System?

The Exclusive Ninja Crawl Space Encapsulation System is unlike any encapsulation system being offered on the market. Crawl Space Ninja developed this system in order to create a worry free crawl space for years to come.

Our exclusive system not only fixes all the crawl space problems but is focused on improving your indoor air quality. It addresses mold with soda blasting while preventing it from returning. Flooding and standing water is removed with sump pumps and french drain water management systems. High humidity is kept under control with a properly sized and maintained crawl space dehumidifier. Foundation walls are insulated per Department of Energy guidelines while sub-floors are air sealed. Plus, soil gases are exhausted continuously with our foundation vent fan system per the Environmental Protection Agency recommendations. And finally, your crawl space is made beautiful with our exclusive no cat pee guarantee vapor barrier.


Why Haven't I Heard of The Ninja Way of Encapsulating Crawl Spaces?

Crawl Space Ninja developed the Ninja Crawl Space Encapsulation System to make up for the inefficiencies of encapsulation work being offered. We are the exclusive installers of this system.


Does the Ninja Encapsulation System Address Mold?

Yes. The Ninja Crawl Space Encapsulation System includes mold removal methods to clean and visibly remove mold and fungus. We also protect the crawl space from mold for years after the system has been installed. No other company offers this type of protection that includes a 10-year to Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Is High Crawl Space Humidity Lowered?

Yes. Our System addresses not only humidity but soil gases as per EPA recommendations.  Making sure you properly ventilate and dry a crawl space is vital to the indoor air quality of your home.


What About Water in the Crawl Space after Heavy Rains?

Not every crawl space will have standing water after a heavy rain. If your crawl space floods, the Ninja Crawl Space Encapsulation System is tailored to meet your needs and address standing water efficiently and effectively.


How does Crawl Space Ninja Insulate the Crawl Space?

Crawl space insulation is often overlooked by crawl space contractors. The Ninja Crawl Space Encapsulation System will insulate, air seal, and protect your crawl space from cold winters and hot summers.


Is there a Warranty and is it Transferrable?

Yes. We offer the best warranty in the industry. Many of our encapsulation projects come with Limited Lifetime warranties. Our certified Ninja Inspectors will be happy to go over all our warranty options. Unlike many in the industry, we are a one stop shop to address issues covered by the warranty. No one wants to have something go wrong but if it does we are quick to get it addressed. just read some of our reviews to see how we perform for our customers. We want to take the worry out of owning and maintaining your crawl space. this is why our warranties are also transferrable if you decide to sell your home.


How do I get More Information about Crawl Space Encapsulation?

That's easy. Click here to fill out our online form and one of our professional customer service Ninjas will be in touch to schedule your inspection. They will go over everything with you. Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 8am to 5pm EST and Friday 8am to 4pm EST. You can also call us at (865) 659-0390 option 1.

For more information be sure to read our Free Essential Guide to Crawl Space Encapsulation. You can also learn more by watching our Ask A Ninja Series on YouTube.

Essential Guide to Crawl Space Encapsulation is one of the best resources available for homeowners to learn what all goes into proper crawl space repair. We have learned that a well-educated homeowner will not fall for slick salespeople making unobtainable promises at cheap prices. This free guide is a way to protect yourself as you begin your journey to choosing the best crawl space encapsulation contractor.