Basement Waterproofing Ninja™

Do I Need Basement Waterproofing?

Basement Waterproofing Ninja™ was created from the desire to provide high quality basement waterproofing along with great customer service, in order to serve those with wet basement problems. Whether your basement has high humidity, bowing walls, or standing water, Basement Waterproofing Ninja™ has a solution to fit your budget. By the end of your free assessment, our Waterproofing Ninja™ will have a solution on how to correct your basement problems.

Baseboard Waterproofing Systems

Our Baseboard Basement Waterproofing Systems are our least invasive and most cost-effective solution for basement waterproofing. The Baseboard System is designed to help relieve hydrostatic pressure by collecting seeping water and draining it quietly to your sump pump.

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baseboard above slab system 02

Below Slab Waterproofing Systems

Our Below Slab Basement Waterproofing Systems include the innovative Hydraway drainage system, which moves water up to 70% faster than conventional drainage systems. If your basement takes on a large amount of water during a storm, ask about our Below Slab Waterproofing systems to see how we can help make your basement dry and more comfortable.

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Indoor Basement Drainage

Water damage to basements, crawl spaces, and foundations is an expensive issue for homeowners when not properly corrected. Many basement waterproofing companies are installing systems based on the speed of the install versus the quality of the system to move water.

Drain Tile Systems

One of the most common basement waterproofing solutions is a drain tile system. A drain tile is an assemblage of pipes installed around your foundation that allows water to drain away from your home and into a sump pump. This system is designed to help prevent indoor flooding, but many are prone to clogging as dirt and particles can get in due to the lack of a silt filter. Many drain tile systems are installed very shallow which leads to future concrete damage. Also, drain tile systems do not have the open space to allow water to drain as rapidly as the Hydraway Basement Waterproofing Drainage System.

Sump Pump Systems

Sump pumps are installed in your basement or crawl space, and its primary job is to move water outside the space and prevent flooding. The sump pump works to pump water away from your building foundation, so your basement and crawl space stay dry. If you are experiencing flooding in your home, a sump pump with a properly installed water management system is the best way to prevent flooding of your basement or crawl space.

Sump Pump Battery Backup Systems

When is the most likely time your home will lose power? When is the most likely time your basement or crawl space will flood? You guessed it, during a storm. Make sure your home is protected with a battery backup system.

Hydraway Basement Waterproofing Features & Benefits

  • Engineered system with a proven history: Will not clog, no known failures!
  • Relieves hydrostatic pressure by acting as a shallow underdrain
  • High compressive strength: Heavy duty Geotextile fabric, fusion bonded to a rugged polyethylene lattice core for strength and support.
  • 90% omnidirectional water entry rate
  • 70% higher water flow rate than conventional drainage systems – Replaces the fabric, perforated pipe, and aggregate backfill required in most traditional drain systems and does not depend on rock as a filter.
  • Does not support fungus growth – Polyethylene core (vs. polystyrene) provides flexibility, light weight and chemical resistance
  • Fusion bonded (vs. gluing) polyethylene lattice core and fabric provides fungus resistance and keeps the fabric firmly attached in high heat and humidity.
  • Machine installed using conventional trenching equipment and requires less labor and equipment than traditional drain systems.
  • Individually wrapped rolls and flexibility assure easy installation even at cold temperatures.

Bowing Foundation Walls

Signs your basement walls are beginning to bow:

  • Horizontal or stair step cracks
  • Diagonal cracks in the corner
  • Inward bowing or bulging
  • Wall slides inward at the bottom or top
  • Gaps in mortar joint
  • Soil entering basement
  • Cracks in concrete

Solutions to bowing basement walls:

Basement Dehumidifiers

The Aprilaire dehumidifier is a great way to control humidity which helps prevent mold growth and wood rot fungus. Keeping the relative humidity below 60% is recommended by most experts. A wet basement needs a dehumidifier that is energy efficient and able to handle large volumes of moisture. Basement Waterproofing Ninja™ installs dehumidifiers in the basement, crawl space and HVAC system.

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crawl space dehumidifier