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Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing in Knoxville, Tennessee is a great way to keep your wet basement dry, clean, healthy and efficient. Many homeowners are looking for quality waterproofing contractors to ensure their home is free of water and foundation problems.

Being the exclusive waterproofing installers of the patented No Water Basement Waterproofing System allows us to offer a Lifetime Warranty while offering a waterproofing product that is second to none in our industry.

A wet basement in need of waterproofing can develop mold, foundation problems and structural issues. Getting your basement fixed now is crucial to a healthy home and will save you money. Basement waterproofing costs differ depending on the size and scope of each project.

Allowing one of our basement waterproofing experts to assess your situation is a great first step to turning your wet basement into a dry usable space.

Free Basement Waterproofing Assessment
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"Our basement was wet every time it rained and our attic was not insulated properly. We called for an assessment and Jamie came out walked us through the process. The crew was great and explained each step. The work was excellent and we will be recommending them to our friends." Brian Bennett, Knoxville TN

Waterproofing Knoxville

Basement waterproofing in Knoxville and the surrounding area is one of our specialties. Being the exclusive installer of the No Water Basement Waterproofing System allows us to offer a specialized system to meet whatever water problems you are facing.

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Water in Basement

Many basements suffer from water intrusion through the walls and footers. Poor foundation drains, clogged downspouts and grading problems allow moisture through the foundation walls. Poorly installed french drains can allow water to intrude into basement as well.

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Foundation Repair

Sub-floors may sag when the basement floor settles or the span of the joists is too far. Bowing basement walls can cave in and cause harm to your family. Large cracks in walls should be checked and fixed to keep water out of the basement.

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Basement Humidity

Controlling the humidity in your basement will help ensure mold does not form on drywall, joists, sub-floors and air ducts in your basement. Since every basement is unique, we recommend a visual inspection to determine the best way to control humidity.

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Basement Mold Removal

Proper mold removal in your basement is vital to helping remove allergens, musty smells, wood rot and harmful molds like stachybotrys from your home. Using safe mold removal products and proper containment is necessary.

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Basement Insulation

How to insulate a basement? Wet basements often suffer from wet basement insulation. If you are considering interior waterproofing or insulating the inside of the basement, it is done differently than exterior basement insulation. Have questions? We can help.

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Free Basement Waterproofing Assessment