Fix Yard Drainage with Downspout Extensions

Poor yard drainage can cause your home, basement, crawl space, and garage to flood. Over time this can also lead to mold problems, sagging floors, concrete cracks and bowing walls so don’t overlook the importance of downspout extensions.
installing downspout extensions

Maximizing Home Protection with Downspout Extensions

The significance of downspout extensions for your home cannot be overstated. Inadequate yard drainage can lead to a myriad of problems, including flooding in basements, crawl spaces, and garages. This persistent exposure to moisture can result in mold growth, sagging floors, concrete cracks, and bowing walls. Incorporating effective downspout extensions is a simple yet critical step in safeguarding your property from these costly and damaging issues.

Optimal Length for Maximum Efficiency

For downspout extensions, the general guideline is ‘the longer, the better.’ A minimum extension of 10 feet is recommended for homes with slabs and crawl spaces, while basements may require at least 15 feet to ensure proper drainage. While sloping the foundation grade can help, extending downspouts to facilitate downhill drainage of roof water proves to be a more effective solution.

Choosing the Right Materials

The material choice for downspout extensions is crucial. Solid pipes, such as sewer and drain pipes or corrugated pipes, are recommended for durability and effectiveness. Catch basins and dry wells from brands like NDS are excellent for handling challenging drainage landscapes.

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Professional Installation for Guaranteed Results

Enlisting the services of an NDS Certified Professional, like Crawl Space Ninja, ensures that your yard drainage project is designed and executed effectively. With access to a wide range of products, we can expertly manage drainage for various areas, including driveways, retaining walls, and poolside environments.

Avoid Common Installation Mistakes

It’s important to separate the water from your roof from that in footer, french, and curtain drains. These types of drains typically collect soil water through perforated pipes. Connecting downspout extensions to these drains can cause them to become overwhelmed, potentially leading to home flooding.

What Downspout Extension Should I Use?

If you need further advice or have questions about installing downspout extensions or selecting NDS products, feel free to reach out. For those interested in high-quality catch basins or other NDS solutions, check out our recommended products here. Your home’s protection against water damage starts with the right downspout solution.

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