Crawl Space Humidity

Humidity affects so much in the home. It can make mold grow, increase dust mites, cause nose bleeds and more. Learning what relative humidity levels are best and what settings to program is essential to improve your indoor air quality and safeguard your health. Backed by a solid warranty, our humidity control services are designed to provide lasting comfort and peace of mind.

Crawl Space Humidity Problems

If you live in a humid environment, outside humidity is a serious problem, even during a drought. High outdoor moisture comes in many forms and at different times of the day or season. Morning fog, passing through rain or thunderstorms, and hot humid summers are among the most common reasons high humidity exists within a crawl space. It is difficult to stop high humidity from entering your home, basement, or crawl space. This is why dampness control is vital to a healthy home.

Should I Install More Crawl Space Vent Fans?

Many contractors recommend increasing ventilation in the crawl space. Some propose installing more foundation fans or vents to allow the moist air inside the crawl space to escape. The problem is that if the air outside is more humid, the moist air will flow into the crawl space, not out. Moist air will always chase dry air to try and create equilibrium. Relying on nature to control your home’s humidity is not a recommended option for moisture control.

Should I Use My AC to Control Crawl Space Moisture?

Some contractors, home inspectors, and engineers suggest conditioning the crawl space with the central heating and air conditioning unit to control moisture. This can be a problem as well because many homeowners decide to open the windows on a cooler humid day and not run the AC. No air conditioning means no dry air being pumped into the crawl space.
Another problem is you can cause the AC unit to become undersized by adding the load of the crawl space. Unless you design the HVAC system to include the crawl space, it will run harder and longer to condition a part of your home that is not living space. Plus, you could still need a crawl space dehumidifier during times of the year you cut back your AC usage.

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Are Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Enough to Control Dampness?

Crawl space dampness control should always include a properly installed vapor barrier, dehumidifier, and a soil gas mitigation system. Humidity can be a problem for your home when it reaches levels above 60%. Because of the stack effect, moisture in the crawl space can cause damage and discomfort in other parts of your home. Taking the proper steps to control crawl space humidity, while controlling soil gasses like radon, will ensure your home is dry, clean, comfortable, and efficient.

Excessive crawl space moisture can cause dangerous mold, wood rot fungus, insects, dust mites, and high utility bills. Hardwood flooring and other floor coverings can be affected by excessive crawl space moisture. The dehumidifier is a valuable part of controlling high humidity in your home but other items are needed to control abundant crawl space moisture.

Standing Water and Humidity

Is your crawl space flooding? Water in crawl spaces can create high levels of crawl space humidity. High humidity can also affect crawl space insulation and lower its R-value. Flooding can come from many sources like leaking pipes, groundwater, and even foundation walls.

There are many ways to address standing water. French drains or curtain drains along with downspout extensions are a great way to protect your foundation from the outside. But making sure downspouts and gutters are functioning properly may not be enough.

The Crawl Space Ninja Waterproofing System uses a full perimeter interior drain system. This way the entire crawl space is protected from flooding. Our efficient and powerful sump pumps are installed to protect your crawl space from flooding. The optional sump pump battery back-up is designed to keep the system running during power outages and storms.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for your home. Having a professional assess the situation is always recommended to ensure you are comfortable with the solution and it fits within your budget.

Essential Guide to Crawl Space Humidity Control

This Essential Guide to Humidity Control has been created to address the critical yet often underestimated issue of high humidity within homes and crawl spaces. High humidity can wreak havoc on your living environment, causing damage that can be costly to repair.  In this guide, we’ll explore effective humidity management strategies for every area of your home. This guide is free of charge, underscoring our commitment to improving your home’s health and your comfort.

Ineffective Crawl Space Humidity Solutions

The debate may always rage about how to remove crawl space humidity and standing water. One thing is certain, if done incorrectly it can cost you more money and could create potential health risks for your family. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money only to discover the crawl space humidity control solution is ineffective. This is why hiring Crawl Space Ninja and installing the Ninja Crawl Space Encapsulation System will save you time and money in the future.

We advise thousands of homeowners every year on the proper ways to handle crawl space humidity. Most understand that our time-tested, proven methods of addressing crawl space humidity are the best option. With all the different opinions given by contractors on how to address crawl space humidity, some homeowners have made poor decisions that have needed to be redone and cost thousands of extra dollars in repairs.

Because of homeowners choosing cheaper and less effective moisture control options, Crawl Space Ninja spends more than 30% of our time fixing other contractor mistakes. Don’t be a statistic and trust the wrong contractor to correct your crawl space moisture issues.

Make sure whatever you decide to do that you use a reputable company with a solution that makes sense to you. Ask for references, proof of insurance, and check their online reviews. We hope our many 5-Star Reviews paint a picture that we stand behind our service and want nothing more than to please our customers.

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