Crawl Space Flooding

Water in the crawl space can cause humidity to rise and lead to mold and dust mite problems.
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How to Remove Water in My Crawl Space

The best way to remove water in your crawl space is to do an encapsulation of your crawl space with a water management system. Many homeowners are led to believe that just a sump pump is the answer to fixing a flooded crawl space. We find you need a sump pump, interior french drain, properly installed crawl space vapor barrier, and to address any yard drainage issues.

Crawl Space Sump Pump Installation Recommendations

Most interior crawl space waterproofing projects utilize a sump pump. Water in the crawl space needs to be pumped outside the crawl space as it enters. We recommend discharging water at least 15 feet from the foundation. This helps to prevent water from re-entering the crawl space and tasking the sump pump with more work. Make sure your sump pump has enough power to get the water in the crawl space to a slope in the yard or a drainage ditch.

Do I Need a Sump Pump Basin?

Sump pump basins are needed to install and protect the sump pump. Installing a sump pump without a basin can cause damage or clog the pump. Sealed lids will keep crawl space critters out, like frogs, snakes, and lizards, which can also get caught in the sump pump. Consideration should be made to allow surface water to enter the sump pump basin if your home experiences a pipe burst or other flooding above the vapor barrier.

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Regular Sump Pump Maintenance is Vital

Make sure your crawl space sump pumps are maintained regularly. We recommend they be cleaned annually. Sump pumps should also be tested at least once a quarter when possible. Crawl Space Ninja offers a maintenance program to properly maintain your sump pump, crawl space dehumidifier, and more. Plus, we extend the warranty to life with our service agreements. Be sure to ask your Inspector Ninja about this amazing service.

Essential Guide to Crawl Space Encapsulation is one of the best resources available for homeowners to learn what all goes into proper crawl space repair. We have learned that a well-educated homeowner will not fall for slick salespeople making unobtainable promises at cheap prices. This free guide is a way to protect yourself as you begin your journey to choosing the best crawl space encapsulation contractor.

Why You Need a Sump Pump Battery Back-up

Water in crawl spaces can be difficult to deal with and correcting the problem could cost thousands of dollars. What can cost even more is having to redo the job because you overlooked installing a battery backup system for your sump pump.

Crawl space repair cost is magnified when encapsulation systems fail and need to be redone. Often homeowners choose a crawl space repair company based on price versus quality or long-term goals of a worry-free crawl space. Short-term crawl space repairs lead to you spending even more money down the road.

Why Does My Crawl Space Flood After a Rain Storm?

Heavy rains mixed with poor foundation drainage is the reason many basements, slab homes, and crawl spaces flood. When your home was built they likely put tar on the foundation wall and a footer drain on top of the footer. Tar is not effective because it cracks easily over time and allows water to penetrate after foundation settling. The footer drains also get clogged and damaged over time, meaning the water building up in your yard has nowhere to go but inside your home.
Heavy flooding is one reason we recommend installing a sump pump in the lowest part of the crawl space. As ground levels become saturated, especially during a flash flood, having a crawl space sump pump is a great way to move unwanted water out of the crawl space.

Is Yard Drainage Needed to Help Fix My Wet Crawl Space?

Addressing a wet crawl space from inside the crawl space is vital and recommended by residential building code, but don’t overlook yard drainage issues that need to be corrected. Downspout extensions, french drains, and dry-wells can move thousands of gallons of groundwater away from your home. Proper yard drainage can also be used to keep flooding out of your garage or low levels of your yard.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Videos

Check out our latest crawl space mold removal videos by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Arm yourself with the correct way to fix your crawl space to protect yourself, your family, and your home.

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