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Should I Remove Mold in My Crawl Space

If you suspect that you might have a mold problem in your crawl space, first of all, don’t panic. Give us a call and we’ll come out and give you a free assessment, let you know if your crawl space can support mold growth, and discuss what your next steps should be for mold remediation and prevention.

If it turns out you need crawl space mold removal, we can guide you through this process with our green mold removal process and prevention methods. Many mold cleaners are toxic and pose a greater threat than the mold itself, especially to those with immune compromised health issues. Mold is often overly stigmatized, leading to unnecessary worry. While certain types of mold can be extremely harmful to health, they are not as prevalent as one might think. It’s important to address mold issues properly and calmly while seeking professionals that understand mold remediation protocols versus cover-ups.

If you do have a serious mold issue, it is very important to the health of your crawl space and the rest of your home to get it removed and remediated so that it does not return. Ignoring the problem is never the answer and may result in further damage to home and health.

White, brown and soft rot mold in the crawl space is very common in high humid areas that are flooded or suffer from plumbing leaks or vented crawl spaces. Wood rot fungus in the crawl space should not be ignored because every minute of every day it eats more and more of your home’s structure by attacking the crawl space joists and sub-floor.

Black mold (Stachybotrys) can also be found in crawl spaces or any part of the home with long term water issues and moisture problems that have been ignored or gone unnoticed. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states mold in crawl spaces and other parts of the home, may be linked to health problems like allergies, skin rashes, red eyes, and other hay fever-type symptoms. They go on to say that mycotoxins, often associated with mold, are toxic and should be avoided by addressing mold issues immediately.

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Can Mold Make You Sick?

Many people ask us if mold in the crawl space can cause health problems. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to answer this since every person and their immune system is different so we leave that question for the medical professionals to answer. But, many organizations like the EPA, CDC and others state: “Exposure to damp and moldy environments may cause a variety of health effects, or none at all. Some people are sensitive to molds.”

We do know this, mold in the crawl space will eat and destroy your wood joists and subfloor. Mold never stops breaking down organic materials.

Crawl space mold removal is needed in order to make sure the mold is cleaned properly and prevented from returning. Mold needs moisture to grow and this moisture can come from high humidity or a leak but the more moisture mold in the crawl space receives the faster it will grow.

Make sure you take steps to remove the mold as well as prevent it from returning or you will have to perform crawl space mold removal again and again.

Is Soda Blasting Mold Effective?

Mold removal with soda blasting in the crawl space is one of the most effective and non-toxic ways to remove mold. Many mold removal companies try to shortcut a very important step in mold remediation, and that is the actual REMOVAL of the mold.

Homeowners are being led to believe that simply applying a mold disinfectant without removing insulation or even controlling humidity is adequate to addressing mold in the crawl space. Mold should be removed, disinfected and prevented from returning in order to make sure your home is healthy for years to come.

Soda blasting mold in a crawl space is not an easy task but one we feel is necessary. If you have ever tried to sell a home with visible mold, you know how difficult this process can be, and the home inspector or buyer does not care that there is a piece of paper stating the visible mold is dead. We choose to use soda blasting because sodium bicarbonate is a food grade substance that is safe to be taken as an antacid but is also very effective at removing and inactivating mold spores.

Crawl Space Mold Removal Video

Watch Franchise owner, Michael Church, discuss how to test for mold in your crawlspace. For more informational videos, check out our homeowner tips and guides on our YouTube Channel.

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