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*Please note: attic, basement, and ductwork services are not available at some locations. 


Find comfort in the fact that as a company we are following procedures as outlined by the CDC to keep our team and you safe.

The good news is you can enjoy our services - from estimate to install - with little to no physical contact with our team!

Here are some service/internal updates regarding COVID-19. To better protect our customers and staff, we have implemented a few temporary internal and service based-policy updates we will be following during this time. We will keep you updated as things change.


We will be suspending all face-to-face contact with customers (currently on a week-to-week basis as we continue to monitor the situation).

    • The good news - Our sales appointment does not require face-to-face contact.
    • Our sales process will be temporarily modified to include tools like Facetime, Skype, and/or no physical contact when/if we need to come to your home to evaluate your crawl space, basement, attic, or ductwork.
    • Our estimates are and always have been digital, allowing you to receive all the pertinent information in an organized manner without physical human contact.

Our installers will temporarily be refraining from knocking on doors and engaging with customers unless necessary and with your permission.

*** If you wish to meet with your installer or Ninja Inspector, they will be refraining from handshakes as a precaution to you and our team. Meetings must also only be held outside while maintaining a 6-foot distance remaining between parties. ***


  1. Any employee capable of implementing social distancing by working remotely has already done so.
  2. All internal staff meetings have been moved to a virtual format.
  3. Mandatory sick days are provided for all that feel sick.
  4. All vehicles will carry sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer in an effort to remain sanitized in between jobs.