Sump Pumps for Basement Waterproofing

Many homeowners with flooded basements want to install the best products with the most value. We at are no different at Crawl Space Ninja. We have used many different sump pumps over the years from the least to most expensive, providing us with insights on  features that make a great sump pump. Things like type, warranty and flow rate determine our recommendations.

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Types of Sump Pumps

Basement Ninja uses cast-iron sump pumps versus plastic. Many plastic pumps have a shorter warranty and discharge less water. Investing in a cast-iron sump pump will ensure it works when needed.

Submersible vs. Pedestal Sump Pumps

We also recommend a submersible sump pump over a pedestal sump pump. Pedestal pumps stick out of basins and can get damaged by items falling on them. Basins also cannot be sealed properly with pedestal pumps. Submersible pumps fit well inside the sump pump basin. Also, pedestal pumps electrical parts are exposed to air and water.

Best Sump Pump Warranty

Sump pump warranties range from 1 year to 5 years. Most waterproofing contractors we meet use 1 to 3-year warranty sump pumps. Basement Ninja has decided to install sump pumps with 5-year warranties. Our service agreements can extend the warranty to Limited Lifetime.

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Sump Pump Flow Rate

When choosing the best sump pump, make sure it has a high flow rate. Every sump pump we install for basement waterproofing has a high gallon per hour flow rate. For large basements or basements in wetlands or near large bodies of water, adding a secondary sump pump may be needed.

Since the sump pump is the heart of the waterproofing system, installing a sump pump every 140 linear feet is recommended. If your basement is flooding faster than the pump can discharge water, this can flood your basement regardless of the type of waterproofing system installed.

Float Switch Types

Our sump pumps utilize stem-mounted float switches. There are two types of float switches, stem-mounted and cable suspended. In our experience, cable suspended float switches are easily obstructed.

Meet Crawl Space Ninja Founder, Michael Church, as he shares his sump pump expertise. For more informational videos on how to optimize your basement, crawl space or attic, visit our popular YouTube channel.

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