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How to Remove Crawl Space Odors Under the Vapor Barrier

By Michael Church | October 20, 2021

Are you concerned about crawl space odors? Have you recently encapsulated your crawl space and noticed odors under the plastic? In this article, we will discuss how to remove crawl space odors from under the vapor barrier. Why Does It Stink Under My Vapor Barrier Many companies install crawl space encapsulation vapor barrier over organic…

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Best Products for Outside Crawl Space Waterproofing

By Michael Church | October 13, 2021

We waterproof hundreds of crawl spaces a year and feel these are the best products for outside crawl space waterproofing that homeowners should install. These products will help keep your crawl space dry during heavy rains when properly installed to work together. Homes near lakes, rivers, streams, or in flood plains will also benefit from…

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Essential Guide to Crawl Space Waterproofing

By Michael Church | October 6, 2021

The Essential Guide to Crawl Space Waterproofing is what every homeowner needs to know about correcting and preventing crawl space flooding. If you have standing water in your crawl space after heavy rains, you should read this information. It will help you determine the best solutions for crawl space waterproofing and water management. Waterproofing Guide…

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Should I Leave the Crawl Space Door Open to Control Humidity?

By Michael Church | September 29, 2021

Do you leave your crawl space door open to control humidity? Does that work? Many homeowners leave the vents of the crawl space open. So, it may make sense to leave the crawl space door open to dry out the crawl space. What are the potential negatives of an open crawl space door? Will an…

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6 Places to Insulate Vented Crawl Spaces

By Michael Church | September 22, 2021

If your crawl space is open or vented, here are 6 places to insulate your vented crawl space that could save you money and keep out pests. Remember, there is more to properly insulating your crawl space than just throwing up fiberglass batt insulation. You want to make sure you focus on air sealing and…

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Dirt Crawl Space Problems

By Michael Church | September 15, 2021

Dirt crawl space problems can have a major affect on your home’s indoor air quality. This article will hopefully help you understand the importance of fixing your dirt crawl space or dirt basement. Controlling moisture in a dirt crawl space or basement is priority number one to ensure a healthy home for years to come.…

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How Do I Lower Humidity in My Crawl Space

By Michael Church | September 1, 2021

How do you effectively lower humidity in your crawl space to prevent mold and wood rot fungus? There are many ways to lower humidity in the crawl space and the #1 solution will be to add a properly sized dehumidifier but there is more. Crawl Space Vapor Barrier and Humidity If you own a home…

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Aprilaire e-series Dehumidifiers are Easy to Use, Effective, and Energy Efficient

By Dave Carlson | August 25, 2021

Excess moisture is an invitation for termites, mold, mildew, airborne viruses, and structural issues like warping and rotting. This contaminated air will not just stay below your house either. It will move inside your home exposing your family to a risk of increased health problems like respiratory infections and asthma.

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