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Is a Damp Crawl Space Normal?

By Lucie Woolery | June 9, 2021

Is a damp crawl space normal? Short answer: yes. But, remember the scene in “Young Frankenstein” when the lab assistant steals a brain labeled Abby-someone, and the brain was Ab-normal? Normal is what you want in a brain. But, based on what our Ninjas see here in the Northwest Atlanta, Georgia area (Smyrna, Marietta), normal…

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Is 6 Mil Plastic Good for Crawl Space?

By Leanne Brown | June 2, 2021

Today we will be answering the question, “Is 6 Mil Plastic Good for Crawl Space?” I am a guest author, Leanne Brown from Crawl Space Ninja of Birmingham, AL. If you’d like to reach out to me in the Birmingham area, please click here. My professional opinion is no, 6 mil plastic is not a…

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What Should Humidity Be in a Crawl Space

By Michael Church | May 26, 2021

“What should the humidity be in my crawl space?” This question comes from many homeowners across the country. Most are asking, “is it normal to have moisture in my crawl space,” as well. We feel the best answer is to have the humidity between 45% and 55%. But keep in mind that temperature also affects…

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Is It Normal to Have Moisture in My Crawl Space

By Michael Church | May 19, 2021

Many homeowners are wondering, “Is it normal to have moisture in my crawl space?” Homeowners might expect there to be a certain amount of moisture from humidity, flooding, and plumbing leaks in the crawl space, but is it normal for the crawl space to be damp and flooding?  Many people don’t realize that 50% of…

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Why Do I need a Crawl Space French Drain

By Michael Church | May 12, 2021

There is more to crawl space waterproofing than the sump pump. The sump pump and sump pump basin or pit are just part of crawl space waterproofing. Making sure the water flooding into the crawl space has direct access to the sump pump is crucial. This is why the crawl space perimeter french drain is…

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Crawl Space Smells – 4 Areas to Check

By Michael Church | May 5, 2021

Is your crawl space suffering from odors? Whether the odors came after crawl space encapsulation or before, here are some places to look and advice on what to do. Above Floor Joist Insulation Reinforced Vapor Barrier Installed Debris Under New Vapor Barrier Crawl Space Not Ventilated Properly Odors Trapped Above Floor Joist Insulation If you…

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5 Reasons Crawl Spaces Have Mold Problems

By Michael Church | April 28, 2021

Many homes experience mold problems and homes with crawl spaces are more prone to mold when the crawl space is damp. In this article, I am going to talk about the top 5 issues that can cause mold to grow in the crawl space. High Outside Humidity Hot Crawl Space Cold Ducts Wet Floor Insulation…

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5 Problems to Fix in Your Crawl Space ASAP

By Michael Church | April 21, 2021

5 Problems to Fix in Your Crawl Space ASAP. Many homeowners are unaware of the issues in their crawl space. Start with correcting these 5 problems to make sure your crawl space is healthy. High Crawl Space Humidity Standing Water Mold or Wood Rot Fungus Soil Gases Inadequate Insulation 1. High Crawl Space Humidity High…

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