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Is Old Crawl Space Butyl Tape Reusable?

By Michael Church | March 29, 2023

Q: What happens to butyl tape when you replace the vapor barrier in a few years? Is old butyl tape reusable for the new vapor barrier? Would I have to apply a new strip of butyl tape under or over the currently installed rubberized butyl tape? A: I don’t recommend using old butyl tape if…

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Should I Remove Wood Touching Dirt Floor

By Michael Church | March 22, 2023

Should you remove old wood touching concrete or dirt floor in a crawl space or basement? Is it a termite attractor? “I have a house built in 1947 that’s on the water in Long Island, NY. There are old wood planks (2×4) in the middle of the main area of the foundation floor. Wondering if…

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Avoid These Waterproofing Mistakes in a Crawl Space

By Michael Church | March 15, 2023

I know a list of 15 waterproofing mistakes made in a crawl space seems a bit extreme, but I wanted to share the mistakes we see homeowners and contractors make when fixing a flooded crawl space. Keep in mind many of these mistakes are made from cheapness or corner cutting and should be avoided. If…

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Effect of High Water Table on Your Home

By Michael Church | March 8, 2023

The effect of a high water table on your home can be seen in the crawl space, basement, interior walls and doors, and even the roof if you know what to look for. Many homes are affected by the water table at such a subtle pace that it can go unnoticed for years. Sometimes the…

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A Quiet Crawl Space Fan Solution

By Michael Church | March 1, 2023

Many crawl space fans can be noisy. We offer a quiet crawl space fan solution that homeowners find is a better option without the noise. Crawl space fans tend to rattle due to the materials they are made with. Plus, the way the foundation vent fan must be installed can create a vibration that can…

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Exterior Drainage – Hydraway vs French Drain

By Michael Church | February 22, 2023

When waterproofing your home using exterior drainage options, many choose the french drain. But is there something better? Homes will take on water more frequently when the exterior drainage system has failed to perform as intended. Over the years, footer drains, french drains, curtain drains, and downspout extensions get clogged. The clogging disables the yard’s…

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8 Ways Crawl Space Encapsulation May Boost Your Home’s Value

By Michael Church | February 15, 2023

For owners whose homes have a crawl space, the main issue they have to deal with in that part of the house is moisture. Crawl spaces are notorious for their vulnerability to moisture and all the other problems caused by excessive moisture in any space, such as mold. Problems in the crawl space can pose…

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Crawl Space Humidity Solutions

By Michael Church | February 8, 2023

Installing humidity solutions in your crawl space is a great way to prevent mold and keep moisture from becoming a problem. The problem is everyone has a different opinion on how to control crawl space humidity. Some say to add more fans or vents while others say to just install a vapor barrier. We have…

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