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Is Crawl Space Insulation Required?

By Michael Church | April 14, 2021

Is crawl space insulation required? Many homeowners are confused because contractors are telling them it is not necessary. Why would a contractor say something is not required when building code says it is? International residential building code requires a crawl space to be insulated. If the crawl space is open or vented, it needs to…

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What Kind of Insulation Should I Use in My Crawl Space?

By Michael Church | April 7, 2021

What kind of insulation should you use in your crawl space? That depends on whether you are venting or closing the crawl space. Open or ventilated crawl spaces can be insulated differently than closed or encapsulated crawl spaces. Decide first which crawl space you will have before deciding the best crawl space insulation materials to…

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Is It OK to Seal Off My Crawl Space

By Michael Church | March 31, 2021

Is It OK to Seal Off my Crawl Space from the elements? The short answer is yes. But don’t fix the crawl space moisture problem. And create a crawl space odor or soil gas problem. Are sealed crawl spaces better than a vented ones? Yes, sealed crawl spaces are more controlled and research shows better…

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Mold Removal in Small Tight Crawl Space

By Michael Church | March 24, 2021

If you have a small, tight crawl space, mold removal may seem impossible. If you cannot fit in the crawl space, how can you remove mold? Remember there is more to removing mold in the crawl space than squirting the joists with a disinfectant. Performing mold remediation in low crawl spaces is not something many…

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Contractor Delaware

By Michael Church | March 17, 2021

Are you looking for a crawl space encapsulation contractor in Delaware and the surrounding areas? Crawl Space Ninja of Delaware is open to address crawl space problems in your home. Many problems like mold, standing water, and high humidity are overlooked in the crawlspace. Don’t trust the health of your home with just any crawl…

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Crawl Space Moisture Control Wilmington, NC

By Michael Church | March 10, 2021

The need for Crawl Space Moisture Control in Wilmington, North Carolina is growing rapidly. Coastal waters and high humidity wreak havoc in crawl spaces. Humidity levels above 60% can cause mold and wood rot fungus. Coastal waters and storm surge cause crawl spaces to flood. Homeowners in Wilmington have many options but making sure you…

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How to Warm Floors Over Dirt Crawl Space

By Michael Church | March 3, 2021

Are you struggling with how to keep your floors warm over your crawl space? Many homeowners are being told not to insulate their crawl space. Then they call us and have a legitimate concern about cold floors. Insulate the Crawl Space The first step in warmer floors is to make sure you properly insulate the…

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75% of Home Improvement Projects are Financed

By Michael Church | February 24, 2021

Many homeowners need crawl space encapsulation or basement waterproofing but struggle with the best way to pay for the project. According to market research, 75% of all home remodeling projects priced over $2,500 are financed in some way. Many homeowners have less than $4,000 in savings. No one wants to use their emergency fund to…

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