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Basement Concrete Crack Repair

Basement concrete crack repair is a great way to stop water infiltration and slow soil gases from entering the basement. Fixing concrete cracks immediately will also prevent them from getting worse. Concrete crack repair is offered as a DIY solution or you can hire Crawl Space Ninja to take care of for you.

Basement concrete cracks can happen in the slab floor and foundation walls. Many times these cracks are from settling over time, but sometimes they are an indicator of bigger problems.

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Concrete Crack Repair and Waterproofing

Most of the time people only look at the symptom. Concrete cracks can be an indicator of a water intrusion problem under the slab floor or around the foundation wall. Basement waterproofing should be discussed when repairing concrete cracks. Hydro-static pressure can also bow basement walls.

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Carbon Fiber and Concrete Cracks

There are a lot of epoxy only concrete crack repair products available. We utilize a concrete crack repair system that utilizes carbon fiber stitching in order to make sure the repair will last. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and applying them along cracks in the slab or foundation walls is a better solution than epoxy alone.

Bowing Walls Crack Concrete

Carbon fiber is also a great add-on for bowing walls. Carbon fiber will not straighten the wall but will keep the problem from getting worse. To learn more about carbon fiber for bowed walls, click here.

Bowing walls is normally a sign of major soil or hydro-static pressure. Installing an interior basement waterproofing system along with exterior yard drainage can improve the foundation. Yard drainage like downspout extensions, dry wells, french drains, and curtain drains should also be considered when developing a plan to perform basement concrete crack repair.

Basement concrete crack repair is a great investment in the health and preservation of your home. Cracks in concrete is a service Crawl Space Ninja offers.

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