Crawl Space Buyers Beware

Realtors - Don't Ruin Your Reputation

When we get calls from someone buying or selling a home, more often than not, they want it to be a quick process where any requirements from the home inspector are fixed cheaply and quickly, with little regard for quality.
Here at Crawl Space Ninja, we always say, “We do it right, or we don’t do it at all.” Most quick crawl space fixes done by cheaper companies are not done properly or to building code standards and can cause more problems in the future.
Realtors – is recommending a quick, cheap company worth your reputation to future real estate clients?
Take one of our recent crawl space assessments for example: We were called out to a home that was purchased about a year earlier. The seller’s realtor had recommended a company to do some work in the crawl space. Then, a year and $3000 later, things started to smell a little funky. The company that did the work is now out of business and offering no help. What went wrong?
During our inspection of the crawl space, we noticed several problems. The previous company only sealed the vents and installed vapor barrier. The relative humidity and wood moisture content were extremely high due to no dehumidifier or AVS being installed. There was no insulation reinstalled, which meant the crawl space was not to code. On top of all this, the reinforced vapor barrier that was used had begun to give off a cat urine odor that could be smelled throughout the crawl space and even inside the house.
The homeowner is now having to pay for crawl space repairs a second time.
We understand that in real estate, things need to move quickly. But we don’t believe in sacrificing our quality work, and neither should you.

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Seller Beware!

Sellers have a responsibility to make sure home repairs are done correctly and by reputable companies. Cheap crawl space work rarely means good crawl space work. Cutting corners could cause an even larger expense in the future. It’s easy to just get the job done quickly, but we believe in quality so that neither you, nor future homeowners, have any worry about their crawl space.
It’s very important to understand that we only do high-quality work that is built to code, and this means it typically takes more time and money to complete a job than other companies. But, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the problems are fixed for the long term.

Buyer Beware!

No new homeowner wants to purchase a home and then have to make repairs to things that were said to have been fixed just a year later. Don’t let the excitement of buying a new home cause you to overlook areas that can cause a serious headache if they’re not addressed properly.
Always take advantage of having a home inspector taking a look at any home you are considering purchasing. If the home inspector finds any problems in the crawl space, be sure to hire a company that will take care of the job correctly by controlling moisture problems and addressing any mold present.

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