Raleigh Residents, Get Rid of Your Crawl Space Mold

Raleigh, the City of Oaks, thrives with beautiful, oak-lined streets, but the mix of warm, humid summers and mild winters creates the perfect storm for unwanted crawl space guests: mold, mildew, insects, and rodents. But fear not, Raleigh – Crawl Space Ninja is ready to help your home’s foundation with our specialized mold remediation services.

mold removal from crawl space

Noticed Mold?

Have you found some unwanted mold in your crawl space? Reach out for a complimentary evaluation. We are able to accommodate appointments on a rushed timeline to confirm if mold has moved in and devise a plan to evict it for good.

Crawl Space Ninja’s Techniques

  • Innovative Mold Busting: Our soda blasting technique tackles mold head-on, eradicating it from your crawl space without harsh chemicals.
  • A Mold-Free Future: It doesn’t stop at removal; our eco-friendly treatments and moisture control strategies keep your crawl space mold-free and your energy costs lower.
  • Assurance That Lasts: With our service comes a “limited” lifetime warranty, emphasizing our commitment to your home’s long-term health.

Mold’s Impact on Your Home and Health

While we’re not medical experts, we know how much mold exposure can pose health risks. That’s why addressing mold effectively is crucial—for the health of your home and your family.

The Asheville Advantage

The presence of mold can affect everyone differently. Addressing it promptly is key to maintaining the structure of your home and the well-being of those living in it. From historic homes near Oakwood to new constructions in the suburbs, our mold remediation services meet the specific needs and challenges of your Raleigh home.

If you suspect mold, contact Crawl Space Ninja for your no-cost assessment. We’re committed to transforming your crawl space into a clean, efficient, mold-resistant area.

Ready for mold removal? We're here to help.

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