Low Crawl Space Vent Solutions

Today’s Blog comes thanks to a question from Will From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. What happens when a crawl space vent is lower than the dirt outside? lets discuss down below!

Low Crawl Space Vent Draw Backs

    • Debris going into the crawl space
    • Water intrusion via the vent

A solution for a few of the above is a vent well, but just because you have a vent well does not mean that water will be kept away from your crawl space vent.  But just because you have a vent well does not mean that water will be kept out, water could  still potentially go underneath the vent well and go into the vent. You might be wondering how can we keep water out of the crawl space? a perfectly valid question, if the grade is higher and you will constantly have water coming up against your crawl space.

Low Crawl Space Vent Water Solutions

    • Perimeter trench inside of crawl space
    • Sump pump

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