Crawl Space Vapor Barrier FAQs

Many homeowners are unsure if a crawl space vapor barrier is needed. Much less what type of vapor barrier to use. How should the vapor barrier be installed and much more. We will be answering many of these crawl space vapor barrier FAQs and more in this article. If your question is not answered below,…

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Can I Install New Plastic Over Old in Crawl Space

I received a question about installing new plastic over old plastic in the crawl space. Installing plastic in the crawl space is both vital, but can also be labor-intensive. Many try to make the process easier by throwing the new vapor barrier over the old vapor barrier to save time and money. But is this…

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Best Crawl Space Seam Tape

The best seam tape used when encapsulating a crawl space is not found at the local box stores. Many contractors, like Crawl Space Ninja, use specially designed waterproof tapes for vapor barrier installation. These tapes are strong and waterproof to keep the plastic joined together regardless of the environmental conditions of the crawl space. In…

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How to Remove Crawl Space Odors Under the Vapor Barrier

featured image_How to Remove Crawl Space Odors from Under the Vapor Barrier

Are you concerned about crawl space odors under the vapor barrier? Have you recently encapsulated your crawl space and noticed odors under the plastic? In this article, we will discuss how to remove crawl space odors from under the vapor barrier. What Causes Odors Under the Vapor Barrier Many companies will install a crawl space…

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Is 6 Mil Plastic Good for Crawl Space?

Today we will be answering the question, “Is 6 Mil Plastic Good for Crawl Space?” My professional opinion as a crawl space encapsulation and waterproofing professional is, No! 6 mil plastic is not a good option for a crawl space. Can 6 mil plastic meet building code? Yes, but for several reasons, it is not…

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Can Vapor Barrier Control Humidity? – Myth #10

image of crawl space vapor barrier

This week we’re on myth #10 of our Crawl Space Myths Series! A lot of contractors will tell you that installing a vapor barrier is enough to control humidity in your crawl space. The professionals at Crawl Space Ninja think that’s a myth! Let us explain why. You can check out the entire 13 Video…

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