So You Have a DIY Project Now What?!

Its 2020 and maybe one of your resolutions is to finish that one project or maybe just start one, we get it its a daunting task that seems impossible! well its not and we have some pointers.

Now our area of expertise is crawl spaces and basements, but the first steps are similar for all DIY projects so lets start there.

Starting a DIY project

The first step to any project should be setting a budget, whether its a crawl space, basement, or just making a wooden bench you need to know how much money you are willing to spend.

This will help you determine if it needs to be broken up into multiple steps, specially if you don’t have the tools you might need in order to accomplish the job.

In order to know your budget, you will have to measure and figure out what materials you will need. For instance, we have our store and are able to provide all of our materials ( except foam board) and ship it to you.

We even have someone that will get on the phone with you and and help or you can chat with us, just look at the bottom right!


If you are like me, you might not have all the tools you need for a project while i have a handy neighbor that I can rely on not everyone is as lucky. But lucky for you we do have packages that you can purchase that have all the tools you might need,

And if you don’t want to buy all of the tools we also have a rental program. Yes we rent the tools for you to use so you don’t have to buy tools for a one time use, we think its cool and we hope you guys think its cool!

Would love to help you with your next project! Schedule your Free Assessment today!

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