Is an Indoor Air Quality Assessment Important?

Do you think an indoor air quality assessment is important? The average person spends 90%+ of their time indoors. This is increased during the workday. Most of us understand the importance of eating good food and drinking clean water, but indoor air quality is rarely discussed. Imagine which is more important this way. You can…

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How to Remove Crawl Space Odors Under the Vapor Barrier

featured image_How to Remove Crawl Space Odors from Under the Vapor Barrier

Are you concerned about crawl space odors under the vapor barrier? Have you recently encapsulated your crawl space and noticed odors under the plastic? In this article, we will discuss how to remove crawl space odors from under the vapor barrier. What Causes Odors Under the Vapor Barrier Many companies will install a crawl space…

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Causes of Crawl Space Cat Urine Smell

Crawl space odors are difficult to deal with, and one of the worst is the cat urine smell. Many crawl spaces suffer from cat pee odors, and often times the vapor barrier is the cause. Whether directly or indirectly. The type of plastic and installation methods can create cat urine type odors in the crawl…

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