Indoor Humidity in Cold Weather

Indoor humidity is affected by cold weather just like warm weather. Not preparing your home for the cold season can create humidity issues. Most of the time, a home will dry out in the winter. This seems like a good thing, right? The problem is, you and your home need a moisture balance. Too moist…

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Should I Install a Dehumidifier in My Garage?

featured image_Should I install a dehumidifier in garage

I see many homeowners leaving their garage door open in the summer. I imagine they are attempting to allow fresh air into the garage or make a way for their pets to enter. No matter the motive, leaving the garage door open when it is humid outside can affect your indoor air quality. So, should…

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Best Humidity Level for Crawl Space

What is the Best Humidity Level for your Crawl Space? Many homeowners ask this question and get very different answers depending on where the answer is coming. We at Crawl Space Ninja feel like the range of humidity should be between 45% and 55% in most cases. What is the Best Humidity Level to Keep…

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