Best Drain Tile for Crawl Spaces and Basements

If your crawl space or basement is prone to flooding, installing the best drain tile will protect your home. Many companies offer inexpensive solutions to drain tile in order to appear more affordable. When the home floods due to water seeping into the crawl space or basement from outside soil, the damage can be significant.…

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How Long Do French Drains Last?

Question from YouTube Viewer: How long do french drains last? Do all french drains clog over time as fine silt settles in the rock and pipe, even when wrapped with fabric? I read somewhere that the average lifespan for french drains is only 8 to 10 years. What is a French Drain? A french drain…

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Installing Crawl Space French Drain Tips

featured image_Installing Crawl Space French Drain Tips

Do you need crawl space french drain installation tips because your crawl space floods after heavy rains or there is a body of water close to your home? What I will be sharing today are guidelines for properly installing a waterproofing system in your crawl space. Install the Drain Pipe Around the Entire Crawl Space…

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