Is Old Crawl Space Butyl Tape Reusable?

Q: What happens to butyl tape when you replace the vapor barrier in a few years? Is old butyl tape reusable for the new vapor barrier? Would I have to apply a new strip of butyl tape under or over the currently installed rubberized butyl tape? A: I don’t recommend using old butyl tape if…

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Avoid These Waterproofing Mistakes in a Crawl Space

avoid crawl space waterproofing mistakes

I know a list of 15 waterproofing mistakes made in a crawl space seems a bit extreme, but I wanted to share the mistakes we see homeowners and contractors make when fixing a flooded crawl space. Keep in mind many of these mistakes are made from cheapness or corner cutting and should be avoided. If…

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Best Crawl Space Seam Tape

The best seam tape used when encapsulating a crawl space is not found at the local box stores. Many contractors, like Crawl Space Ninja, use specially designed waterproof tapes for vapor barrier installation. These tapes are strong and waterproof to keep the plastic joined together regardless of the environmental conditions of the crawl space. In…

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