Aeroseal Duct Sealing FAQ

Here at Crawl Space Ninja we pride our selves on providing better indoor air quality through proper encapsulation and humidity control of your crawl space and basement, in order to keep providing high quality worry free indoor air quality we are providing duct sealing with Aeroseal.


What is Aeroseal Duct Sealing?

Aeroseal is a patented process in which we seal your ducts from the inside, using a special aerosol mixture that is pumped in through your vents it slowly closes any holes that might be present in your duct system.

The typical process takes about 5 hours and it consists of the following:

  • A pre check, where we tell you how much AC/Heat you are currently loosing.
  • The sealing process
  • Post check, where we show you how much of your AC/Heat we have given you back

We get it, when we first learned about this process it sounded like magic, well its science but magic just sounds better! regardless you might have some questions so we will do our best to address them!


Aeroseal FAQ

  • How long will the sealant last?
    • well we can guarantee it for 10 years, but it has tested still successful up to 40 years!
  •  Is it safe?
    • The sealant is non toxic and is allergen free
  • How big of a leak can be sealed?
    • we can seal a hole that is up to 5/8″ ( if you have a bigger hole we would seal it manually and then process)
  • Where does the sealant leaking from the ducts go?
    • Sealant will settle in wall cavities, attics or crawl space, during the process we filter your indoor air to ensure it doesn’t remain in your living space.
  • Will the ducts be covered in sealant?
    • The process only takes effect on holes!

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