Encapsulation Before & After

Crawl space sump pumps are vital if you have standing water coming in from the foundation walls, crawl space floor or where the walls meet the concrete footer.

Crawl Space Footer Drains

The crawl space sump pump when used properly with a crawl space footer drain will keep water intrusion in check and controlled. The interior footer drain captures the water under the vapor barrier and directs it directly to the sump pump in order to keep the crawl space plastic from floating like a water bed.

Crawl Space Before Crawl Space After

Crawl space vapor barrier is vital to controlling standing water and humidity. If a sump pump and footer drain are installed without install the crawl space plastic properly, the crawl space can still flood and cause high humidity problems.

Crawl Space Plastic

The crawl space plastic must be overlapped and taped in order to seal the plastic. This is similar to drywall mud and tape being used to join sheets of drywall. Without using crawl space seam tape properly the humidity and standing water will creep from under the crawl space plastic.


Crawl space dehumidifiers are vital to controlling humidity and mold. Many companies will perform crawl space encapsulation without installing a dehumidifier but we feel this is a huge mistake.

Crawl Space Humidity

Controlling crawl space humidity must be done properly. Using the heat and air system many times is not adequate in controlling humidity. The best way to guarantee humidity control is with a properly sized crawl space dehumidifier.

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