How Do I Know I need Work?

Our last post talked about whether to finance or pay cash, while that is a good subject lets talk about what happens before making that choice.  The first choice is whether to actually decide to get work done, but how do you know?

It is hard to spend money, its even harder if you are looking to spend money on an area of the house that you dont even go into. But why should you spend money on your crawl space? a completely valid question.

Let me tell you a story that does not take place in a galaxy far far away, instead it takes place in the state of TN.

The Crawl Space Scene

The scene in an unsuspecting neighborhood, a beautiful home that held a secrete with in its foundation. On the surface everything was fine, there was one symptom that was driving the home owner crazy. No it wasn’t an obvious one, it was a slight odor on clothes. Yes that slight issue that drove the owner bonkers, the only reason that the home owner realized it was due to a vacation.

Something as subtle as an odor caused the home owner to do research, and determine that the culprit was in the crawl space. Some times it doesnt have to be a glaring issue, its the subtle ones, odor, extra dust, AC constantly running.

This is not meant to scare you, this is more of a PSA you aren’t crazy but do get it checked out. Ideally we would want you to use our services, but our aim is to help even if it is just by educating you all on how to pick a good contractor!

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