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Air Seal Return Air Grille

By Michael Church | July 7, 2016

The return air grille is the part of the HVAC system that holds your air filter. The return air grille also allows air from your home to enter the hvac system so it can be conditioned. Most people don’t think about how important the return air grille can be to the life of your heat…

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Mold Removal – Soda Blasting

By Michael Church | May 17, 2016

Mold Removal Soda Blasting There are several ways to address mold in a crawl space. We feel mold removal is necessary in a crawl space and the best way to remove mold is soda blasting. Soda blasting mold is the most effective and safe way to physically remove mold from the subfloor and floor joists…

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French Drain Pipe – Protect Your Basement or Crawl Space

By Michael Church | May 2, 2016

Have you considered installing a french drain pipe (curtain drain) in order to divert water from your crawl space or basement? Sometimes the task can be quite difficult and if you are going to perform this project you want to make sure it is working for years to come. If your home is under attack from…

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Crawl Space Repair Mistakes

By Michael Church | April 27, 2016

Crawl space repair mistakes are common because there is no real standards for crawl spaces. Crawl space mistakes could wind up costing you thousands of dollars or the sale of your home. Crawl space encapsulation is a great way to make your crawl space and the rest of your home dry, clean, healthy and efficient. The…

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Vented Crawl Spaces

By Michael Church | April 12, 2016

Controlling crawl space humidity is the key to a healthy crawl space and a healthy home. It is the same for basements too. A wet mold basement or crawl space can affect resale value and maybe even your health.

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Hot Attic Solutions in East TN

By Michael Church | April 5, 2016

Attic Hot in the Summer? A hot attic is very common in East Tennessee. The temperature of your attic will depend on many factors. Here are a few: Shade Trees around the home Properly installed Ridge Vent Clogged Soffit Vents Active ventilation Attic Ventilation – Ridge Vent and Soffit Vent Most homes built today have a…

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Bowing Walls

By Michael Church | March 17, 2016

GET A FREE DIGITAL CRAWL SPACE ASSESSMENT Many homes in Knoxville, TN are in need of basement waterproofing and foundation repair. The amount of rainfall East Tennessee receives puts a major amount of water around the foundation of basements and crawl spaces which may create cracked or bowing walls. Wet basements and wet crawl spaces can cause…

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Crawl Space Insulation – Foam Board DIY

By Michael Church | March 4, 2016

Foam Board Insulation Need Foam Board Quote? Fill out the form below and we will perform a free no obligation assessment. Plus you will receive a complimentary T-shirt.

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