“Crawl Space Ninja is refreshingly honest with their assessments.”


Tonya Jordan, Platinum Crawl Space Encapsulation System

LaFollette, TN

The Crawl Space Ninjas arrived on scheduled time and completed on time too! The team were respectful, friendly, and explained in detail everything they were doing. They answered all my questions completely. So much moisture has been removed from my crawl space and it has only been a week. I had the total encapsulation done with a water management system, and I am happy with all the work they put into it. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help with moisture problems in their crawl space.

Kim Adams, Gold Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Knoxville, TN

Highly recommend Crawl Space Ninjas! I've only been in my house for about a year and another company found some mold on my floor joists in my crawlspace. They recommended a plan but then I received a second opinion from Crawl Space Ninjas - their plan was much more involved (a full encapsulation) but ended up being around the same price. The crew that did the actual work was hard-working, polite and very cleanly (my crawlspace access required the crew to go in and out of my house). The salesperson Jamie was also pleasant to work with and knowledgeable.

Tony Shaw, Platinum Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Ooltewah, TN

Our crawl space had a water intrusion issue which led to elevated humidity and some standing water. We interviewed numerous companies to correct the issue but knew immediately after speaking with Michael that crawl space ninjas was the team for us.

Michael took time to thoroughly explain how he would correct the issue and even kept in contact throughout the work. It is always a reassuring feeling to have the owner personally reach out to you to ensure the work is being completed to our satisfaction and to answer questions.

The crew arrived on time and got right to work. Pat and Mulu are an exceptional team and a true asset to the company. They were very professional, eager to educate us and respectful. I can't say enough about the quality of work and crews ability. If you are looking for a quality company that will go above and beyond, then crawl space ninjas is the company you should choose.

Lisa Dean, Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Knoxville, TN

We were very pleased with every aspect of Crawl Space Ninja's service. When we received the estimate, the representative took a lot of time to explain the whole process and answer all our questions. Other companies tended to gloss over the details. The work was done very quickly, and a year later we are still happy with our crawl space!

Teresa Snow, Crawl Space Trench & Pump

Powell, TN

Excellent service. Friendly people from the office to the service tech. Supervisor came by the following day to inspect the work before I was even given a final invoice. I would definitely recommend this company.

Richard Ristine, Silver Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Knoxville, TN

We are very pleased with the work in our crawlspace. Everyone was very nice and professional, and the work actually got completed before the original time frame we were given. Jamie and Pat were both exceptional and took the time to explain things very clearly to us.

Maz Mar, Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Lenoir City, TN

Michael and his team are awesome and a delight to work with! They are very genuine, trustworthy, professional and go the extra mile. Our crawl space was rather complicated but they worked tirelessly until they figured out what was going on and got it fixed. Jamie came on a Sunday to drop off an air purifier to clean our air until they could get us on the schedule to fix it. We appreciated their kindness to help us. They did an excellent job and took exceptional care. I strongly recommend you call them for your crawl space needs. You can trust them.

Connie Theisen, Platinum Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Knoxville, TN

Great service and we're very satisfied with the product. The entire team was friendly and professional.

Megan Reichert, Platinum Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Knoxville, TN

Crawl Space Ninja- is also on time, courteous and very knowledgeable about the products they are selling. We have been very happy with the work done on our crawl space.

Nicole Behm, Gold Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Knoxville, TN

Crawl Space Ninja is outstanding!  Our crawl space had black mold in one of the corners.  My husband did quite a bit of research and found Crawl Space Ninja's website.  The videos from Michael Church were extremely helpful, informative and very easy to understand.  First, Jamie came out to evaluate and provide a quote.  We did not feel any pressure to sign with him.  He allowed us to talk it over and get back to him the following day.  Patrick was the head guy for the crew who completed the work.  He would always call in advance to showing up.  He was on time, thorough and very diligent in explaining things and what the crew would accomplish each day they worked.  Dallas and Jane, ladies in the office, were extremely friendly and helpful.  Michael Church even spoke with me directly to answer follow-up questions we had.  We highly recommend Crawl Space Ninja to anyone looking to address crawl space issues.  You will not be disappointment.  They are awesome!!!!!!!

Lee Strzelecki, Crawl Space Repair

Knoxville, TN

Professional. Reasonably priced. Great job done.

Terrie Conard, Gold Crawl Space Encapsulation

Seymour, TN

We highly recommend Crawl Space Ninja. We had 2 other estimates besides Crawl Space Ninja and decided to go with them because we felt Michael was upfront and honest about the work needing to be done. They did a great job and we are glad we chose them.

Michael Nichols, Crawl Space Encapsulation

Rockwood, TN

Crawlspace Ninja just finished up with the second project I’ve had them complete at my house and I’m completely happy with my decision to have them back.

The first project they did for me was to seal all my crawlspace vents and install a dehumidifier with drain and crawlspace fan to keep bring the moisture level down and keep it down. It has worked really well. When I open my crawlspace door I no longer have that crawlspace smell (damp, musty, or however you describe it) and the air in my home feels different to the point that I am comfortable with my thermostat set at two degrees higher than it used to be. I wasn’t expecting a change in how my house felt, it was just an unexpected bonus. I had this work completed only because the damp smell had me curious if I had a moisture problem. On the initial visit for them to check out the space Jamie explained to me exactly what was going on (no sky is falling sales pitch) and explained what I needed to do and other options that would make the space even better but were not needed right away. I scheduled the work to be done and it was completed on time for the exact price we discussed and the crew was very professional, did great work, and cleaned up after themselves. And last, the price was very reasonable.

I was so satisfied with the work in my crawlspace I had them come back to do some work in my attic. My home has a loft bedroom that has always been warmer than the downstairs of the home. After some looking around I noticed the two knee walls between the loft and attic were not insulated. To see how much temperature difference, I had I used an infrared thermometer to check some temperatures in my house. I did these checks multiple times over the course of a week or so. I checked the temperature of the wall beside my thermostat downstairs and found the wall to always be within 1 degree +/- the temperature my thermostat was set to. In addition, every downstairs wall in my house was always within 2 degrees +/- the temperature of my thermostat. But the knee walls between the loft and attic were consistently between 10 and 12 degrees hotter that my thermostat temperature.

Crawlspace Ninja came out and insulated my knee walls with fiberglass bats covered with foam board insulation and air sealed the wall. Since the work has been completed the knee walls have stayed within 1 to 2 degrees +/- the temperature my thermostat is set to and the upstairs is now just as comfortable as the rest of my house. They also sealed all of my HVAC registers to the floor both from the crawlspace and living space and relocated my dryer vent that had been venting under a low deck to a wall that was free of obstructions. Again, Jamie showed up on time to take a look, make a recommendation and give me a quote. The work was scheduled and the crew showed up on time, did a great job, and cleaned up after themselves then made sure I was satisfied with the work. The price on this job was so reasonable I actually questioned Jamie about the price because it seemed to low and I wanted to ensure we were on the same page with what all I wanted done.

I’ve got several of the projects I want to get done in time and I’ll definitely be having the Ninjas back to do them. I give them my highest recommendation. If you have a project that needs completed in your crawlspace or attic, give them a call and see what they have to say. I suspect you won’t be disappointed. Also check out their YouTube channel. They have lots of videos that will likely provide some answers to questions you might have about the type of work they do.

Jimmy, Crawl Space Encapsulation

Oak Ridge, TN

The crew at Crawl Space Ninja just finished some major work at my family's home. They were always professional and courteous. Their work was excellent and more than I could ask for. They explained everything in explicit detail to make sure I understood what needed to be done, what was wrong, the cost options I had and whether they were all necessary or a convenience. I really appreciated their honesty and workmanship.

Rick Smith, Gold Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Denver, NC

Very pleased with Crawl Space Ninja crew who encapsulated my crawl space. Company and workers were extremely professional and did a fantastic job. End results look amazing!! They did everything they said they would do and more. I live in NC and asked Crawl Space Ninja to come to my home and complete the cleanup, encapsulation; along with dehumidifier. They traveled in from Knoxville and completed the job on time and ahead of schedule. If you are looking for a company to do this work I would highly recommend Crawl Space Ninja!

Alison Tipton, Silver Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Knoxville, TN

We couldn't be happier with our crawlspace after these guys fixed it. It was a dirty, smelly, nasty space before. NOW it is clean, bright, and free of any rodents or other things that love crawl spaces. The best part is the air quality is now clean and we can rest easy knowing everything is in order right under our living space. They did everything they said they would do and my expectations have been exceeded with the Crawlspace Ninja!

Jeannie Goodman, Gold Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Knoxville, TN

I knew I was going to use Crawl Space Ninjas as soon as I sat down with Jamie. I had 2 companies give quotes and even though one said they would price match, I went with the Ninjas. They were honest to answer all my questions and I got a great vibe right away. The online videos that I watched before I called them helped a lot too! The install team were super nice and even though I told them they didn't have to put on the protective booties, they did anyway. Jane in the office was awesome, I asked her multiple questions and she was so nice. I am excited that we found the problem early and had it all fixed! My kiddo is allergic to mold so I feel much better now that the Ninjas have fixed the crawl space! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!

David Callahan, DIY Crawl Space Customer

Maggie Valley, NC

Bought the 10-mil vapor barrier and seam tape. Arrived very quickly. Both products worked out very well. The diy videos were also very helpful. Encapsulated my crawl space of 1500sf. Products reasonable priced as compared on the net.

Joanie Dougherty, Crawl Space Sump Pump

Knoxville, TN

There is a reason why this is a 5 star place. Crawl Space Ninja is refreshingly honest with their assessments. They don't try to up sell, as most places tend to do. We had them come out today and encapsulate, put in a drain trench and a sump pump. It took all day and Alex, Ben and Nick did it all with an amazing attitude and incredible work ethic. They went above and beyond their responsibilities and executed it with perfection. We are so impressed! After they left, we went into what was the smelly, dirty, ugly crawlspace, only to find it smelling fresh and it looked sterile and clean! Pretty amazing!!

Chad Craig, DIY Crawl Space Customer

Scottsboro, AL

Very knowledgeable and helpful for those of us that want to be DIYers. Michel Church answered all my questions and was very helpful with the entire process. Check out there YouTube videos that are full of great information.

Kurt Anderson, Gold Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Knoxville, TN

Michael and the crawl space ninjas did an excellent job of cleaning the sub floor and the floor joists with their soda blasting. The crawl space is now clean, insulated and nice and dry. I highly recommend them!

Justin Barnes, Gold Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Knoxville, TN

Very easy to work with and a great team that worked on my crawl space. A job that was supposed to take 3-4 days was completed in two! Highly recommend them.

John Gould, Crawl Space Dehumidifier & Vapor Barrier

Fountain City, TN

We recently purchased an older home in Fountain City and needed some basement/crawlspace work done. CrawlSpace Ninja was selected for the work. From beginning to end they were most excellent! Jamie assessed the situation and did not oversell what was needed. And was very thorough in answering our questions. A few days later Michael the owner came by to verify the situation and was very helpful and honest. Then the Ninjas arrived a few days later to start the work process. Alex, Nick and Ben are terrific ninjas indeed! They are extremely courteous, thorough and efficient. They laid down vapor barrier,sealed some vent openings, installed a dehumidifier, installed a support post and added nails to a ledger board for additional strength as per engineer report. And actually they did a few extra things at no additional cost. We primarily interacted with Alex ninja and he was a delight as he explained everything they were doing and addressed all of our concerns in a clear and simple manner. And all of them were very speedy and efficient in their work. The total cost was also quite reasonable and acceptable. From our experience with Crawl Space Ninja we highly recommend their services. Many thanks Ninjas, well done.
Sincerely, John and Tina

Lola D, Crawl Space Encapsulation & Mold Removal

Knoxville, TN

Michael Church and his crews at Crawl Space Ninja are the real deal! Jamie came and talked with my husband about our flooding issues in our crawl space. He impressed my husband with his experience in this field ( he's very skeptical of people so I was shocked)!! He gave us an explanation and and estimate of what we would need to take care of this problem and we felt he was very honest and not just trying to sell us something we didn't need. When the crews showed up they were very polite, professional and cleaned up after themselves each and every day!! In our experience, Some companies wait till there finished before they clean up, but not these guys!! And they were MEN!! Ladies, we know this is a miracle within itself .. Anyway, we had our whole crawl space encapsulated and a sump pump, dehumidifier and the soda blast for the mold, plus I purchased the air 2000 filters for my home to cut down on the dust in my house.. If you ever need help in this area I would highly recommend Crawl Space Ninja!!

Cook Bros Construction, Crawl Space Trench and Sump Pump

Greenback, TN

Crawl Space Ninja was a wonderful company to work with.
Being in the Construction/Real Estate Industry you have to be able to rely on your subs as you need them. With that said, I give Crawl Space Ninja an A+ In our vendor book and we look forward to future jobs.

The Chef Box, Crawl Space Encapsulation

Maryville, TN

The Ninjas did an excellent job! What surprised me was not only how efficient and meticulous they were in constructing a new wall for our basement, but also how fast they clean up after a day's work. For example, after having come back home from doing errands, the doors were locked, the lights were off, the floor was swept, the backyard gate was secured and the dogs were still there and safe! Michael, the owner of the company, also stopped by prior to the build to make sure everything was going to go as planned. Thank-you Crawl Space Ninja!

Christian Deane, Platinum Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Maryville, TN

My wife and I recently relocated to TN and as part of our home inspection, the inspector noted that there were higher than normal moisture readings along with some mold growth on some of our floor joists. I was planning to try and deal with the issues myself, but decided to have a couple of professional companies come take a look and give me a quote. The first company to come out was CrawlSpace Ninja. Jamie was great! He was very thorough and detailed with his explanation of what he found and what he'd recommend for my crawl space. He answered all my questions and offered me what I felt was a very reasonable quote. A few days later, company two comes out to look at my crawl space and provide their quote. He was very nice and thorough, but my conversation with him felt more like a used car sales pitch. At the end, his price was almost triple what I had received from Jamie (but included a few more options that he recommended that Jamie hadn't). After he left, I immediately called Jamie and asked him about the other items that were recommended to me and why he didn't. His answer was simple..."I didn't feel they were warranted for the amount of moisture in your crawl space". In the end (because there's no guarantee on how wet your crawl space may become), I ended up adding those items (perimeter drain/sump pump). With the additions, Jamie's quote was still more than half the price of the other company. So, I decided to have Crawl Space Ninja do the work. The scheduling process was easy and Pat and his crew were at my house getting started in less than two weeks. The crew did a great job...they were very pleasant and explained everything they were doing in detail when I asked. Unfortunately, I was out of town the day they finished, but when I checked things out upon my return, I was very pleased with the finished product. Thank you Jamie, Pat, and Jane for all of you help through this process!

Mickey Sylvester, Gold Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Greenback, TN

We are very happy with the work that was done. Jamie was very accurate in the description of what was going to happen and answered all of our questions. The team that did the install was polite and did a great job and showed us the finished work. We would certainly recommend Crawl Space Ninja to anyone and was a pleasure working with them.