Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers – Do you need one?

We like it when we get questions from our potential customers, our readers, and our YouTube audience. Sometimes we receive questions that we might have not heard before. That’s what happened with this scenario, so let’s get right into it!

Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers – Is there a need for them?

Now you might be thinking, a dehumidifier for a pool? Yes, indoor pools need dehumidifiers especially if you have a heated pool. Heated pools are nice especially on a cool day, but they are not so nice when they start to create other problems within your house. That was the case with the person we had the pleasure of speaking with. Her main issue was condensation falling on her guests making their pool experience less enjoyable. Her guests were not happy so she was not happy. She found us and her goal was to find a dehumidifier that could solve her problem. After a good conversation, we found that the Aprilaire 1850 (a 95-pint dehumidifier) would work well to help her situation. By the end of the call, she was happy, and we provided good tips and tricks on how to avoid an unpleasant situation for her guests in the future.

Benefits of a Pool dehumidifier

    • Prevent interior damage.
    • Improve indoor climate.
    • Lower the apparent temperature.

Pro Tips

    • Make sure you use little umbrellas on the drinks.
    • The proper way to enter the pool is a cannonball.
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