Soda Blasting vs Sand Blasting FAQ

One of our YouTube Channel viewers has a local company that does not offer soda blasting but does offer sand blasting, here is his question:

“I had a sand blasting company come by to assess the cleaning of moldy joists (not a mold remediation company). They recommended sand would be better at cleaning better than soda because it is more abrasive and would leave the wood cleaner. Is it easier to work with or less dusty maybe? Any thoughts?”

Is Sand Blasting Better than Soda Blasting

Great question, sand blasting is more abrasive and is used in many different industries from art to concrete repair. It has the ability to do all the things soda blasting can do. Soda comes in different abrasive levels but we typically use the medium abrasion in order to protect the wood. Sand can also be done in a way to keep the wood pristine. I’d say as far as end result, either would be great for cleaning moldy wood in a crawl space.

The Big Difference and Why We Use Soda

For us, we like the sodium bicarbonate better due to its deodorizing abilities. Baking soda has been used for years to control odors. Once soda blasting is complete, the remaining soda is left in the crawl space to give it a fresh smell. Also sodium bicarbonate has a high PH level. What I have read about the PH of baking soda is it helps inactivate mold spores.

I think if you have a sand blasting or soda blasting choice, you cannot go wrong with either. Many times it depends on the applicator and the company you are working with to make sure they do a great job for you.

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