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Sump Pump Troubleshooting Tips

My Sump Pump Is Not Working

WARNING! Risk of electrical shock. Unplug the pump before touching it or servicing it. For parts or assistance, call Flotec Customer Service at 1-800-365-6832

Flotec Sump Pump Won't Start or Run

Sump Pump is not plugged in. Make sure sump pump is plugged into a proper outlet.
Blown fuse. Replace the fuse with a fuse of proper size.
Low line voltage. Check the size of the wiring on the circuit feeding the pump and
from the main switch on the property. If everything is OK, contact
your power company or hydro authority.
Defective motor. Replace the sump pump.
Defective float switch. Replace the float switch.
Clogged or jammed Impeller. If the impeller won't turn, unplug the pump, remove the lower
pump body, and locate the source of the binding. Replace the
impeller if necessary.

Flotec Sump Pump Starts and Stops Too Often

Backflow of water from piping. Install or replace the check valve.
Faulty switch. Replace the switch.

Flotec Sump Pump Won't Shut Off

Defective switch. Replace the switch, after first checking that switch is functional.
Restricted discharge (obstacle or
ice in the piping).
Unplug the pump, remove it from the sump, and clean the pump
and piping.
Restricted intake screen. Unplug the pump, remove it from the sump, and clean the intake
screen and impeller.

Flotec Sump Pump Operates-Delivers Little to No Water

Low line voltage. If the voltage is below 110 volts, check the size of the wiring
from the main switch on the property. If OK, contact your power
company or hydro authority.
Debris caught in the impeller. Remove the pump and clean out the impeller.
Worn or defective parts or
plugged impeller.
Clean the impeller if it's plugged; replace the impeller if
necessary; otherwise replace the pump.
Restricted intake screen. Remove the pump and clean out the intake screen.
Check valve is installed either
backward or upside down.
Be sure the check valve is installed correctly (the flow arrow
should point away from the pump).

Download Flotec Sump Pump Install and Troubleshooting Manual

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  1. Judy Wilson on June 9, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    The instructions you posted for checking the float component in my sump pump are really good to know. I think it’s interesting that the best way to fill the basin with water is by using a water hose. I’ll make sure to use my garden hose instead of something else to fill enough buckets to fill the basin enough to move the float. Thanks for the tips!

    • Michael Church on June 21, 2016 at 12:53 pm

      Judy. Thank you for your comment about sump pumps. Many people forget the sump pump is the heart of a basement waterproofing or crawl space waterproofing system. Proper sump pump maintenance is critical along with a great dehumidifier.

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