A Customer Success Story

Welcome back to another blog! today we will talk about an email we received from one of our customers and their story.


Crawl Space Encapsulation Success story

When Matt in Ohio purchased his home, he knew his new home had some issues but he didn’t realize how much work his crawl space needed.

After purchasing the home he realized that his crawl space was flooded, he didn’t know what steps to take or what to do. After researching he found us and he started taking steps to start fixing his crawl space.

How did he start with this overwhelming process? lets break it down

  • Flooded crawl space –  to address this he used a bucket and a portable pump to get the water out.
  • Prevention – In order to prevent mold he installed a dehumidifier
  • Water Management system – in order to prevent further flooding he installed a pipe with gravel that went into a sump pump
  • Mold prevention – Matt did two rounds of fogging with our fogger to get rid of mold


DIY Crawl Space status

After Mat did the above work, all he has left to do is lay down the plastic and his crawl space will be completed.

He has seen some major improvements in his overall humidity, when he started the project the humidity was at a whopping 89% now it is down to 56% pre barrier

Great Job Matt! keep up the good work and we are happy your house is on its way to having a healthy crawl space.


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