Extra Large Capacity and Quiet Dehumidifier

Extra large capacity dehumidifiers that are also quiet are a rare find. Many of the dehumidifiers used to dry large areas over 3,500 square feet tend to be extremely loud. That was until now. Say hello to the Aprilaire E130 Extra Large Capacity and Super Quiet Dehumidifier. Compared to others in its class, the E130 boasts efficiency, low noise, and quality unlike any others on the market.

What is a Large Capacity Dehumidifier?

A large capacity dehumidifier is considered any dehumidifier that is able to remove above 50 pints per day of moisture from the air. That logic makes the E130 an extra large-capacity dehumidifier. It has the ability to remove up to 130 ppd (pints per day) of moisture from the air. The Aprilaire E130 is a commercial-grade dehumidifier that can handle just about any type of building or situation. The E130 can be installed in boiler rooms, attics, crawl spaces, basements, churches, schools, and any place lots of humidity is present.

Why the Need for a Quiet Extra Large Dehumidifier?

Just because the space is big, doesn’t mean it requires a loud piece of equipment to control humidity. Crawl space humidity can be difficult to control, and crawl spaces are often very large. Having a high-capacity dehumidifier is typically required, but having a quiet dehumidifier is also needed. No one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night when the dehumidifier kicks on.

I have been in homes with some huge basements. High basement humidity is overlooked if the basement is lived in and conditioned. Basement humidity can cause problems like mold on drywall and furniture, even if the AC is running and maintaining cool temperatures in the summer. The Aprilaire E130 is designed for very large basements or very wet smaller basements that require lots of humidity control. When the family is gathered together for movie night in the basement, a quiet large capacity dehumidifier is much appreciated.

The Aprilaire E130 is Extremely Quiet

The Aprilaire E130 is a very quiet dehumidifier for its size and capacity. You will have a hard time finding a quieter dehumidifier that removes up to 130 pints per day. The decibel rating of the E130 is only 50 when ducted. That means it sounds about as loud as the refrigerator in your kitchen. Just like the refrigerator, the more time you spend around the dehumidifier, the less you notice it. If 50 dBA is still too loud, the E130 can be attached to the HVAC system and placed in a mechanical room to make it even quieter and out of the way.

The Aprilaire E130 comes standard with a 5-year warranty. The maximum coverage recommended is 4,400 square feet based on an 8-foot ceiling. Airflow is key to make sure this super large capacity and very quiet dehumidifier covers large areas. Even large crawl spaces in excess of 3,500 square feet may require multiple smaller dehumidifiers, like the Aprilaire E070, if the crawl space is cut up or airflow is poor. The E130 is rated a “Most Efficient” Dehumidifier by EnergyStar.

Other features of the Aprilaire E130 include:

  • Digital Humidity Control
  • Covers up to 4400 sqft
  • Noise 50 dBA ducted
  • 130 Pints per Day
  • 113lbs 30″x19.5″x18.5″
  • Ducting collars included
  • Recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® 2021
  • Control Options: All units include an integrated LCD with intuitive RH set points and optional external controls, including remote RH monitoring
  • Aluminum coil protects refrigeration system from corrosion
  • Whisper quiet performance
  • Fits in attics, crawl spaces, basements, and living space
  • Ability to ventilate the home per ASHRAE 62.2-2010

If you are in need of a quiet extra large capacity dehumidifier, I recommend you purchase the Aprilaire E130.

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