The Importance of a Crawl Space Door

The title gives away the content, why is a crawl space door so important? well we will discuss it below!

The Crawl Space Door

The Crawl Space door is often neglected, because why would it need to be a nice door since it subject to the elements right?

Imagine a crawl space door that has a half inch gap from the footer, and is located on a decline near a down spout. Now you have water in you crawl space and that is the perfect environment for mold!

Mold only takes 24 to 48 hours to start making a home out of your wood, so preventing water intrusion is a major component to preventing mold.

A door alone will not prevent water intrusion in your crawl space, if you pair it with a water management system it will give you added help.

We recently did a video where we went back to install a water management system, we encountered some issues the door being one of them.

We understand that budget will affect what you can do, we try to be aware of that and try to provide the best service possible. That is why we have our DIY store.

Thank you for reading and for good measure here is that video I referenced above!

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