8 Ways Crawl Space Encapsulation May Boost Your Home’s Value

For owners whose homes have a crawl space, the main issue they have to deal with in that part of the house is moisture. Crawl spaces are notorious for their vulnerability to moisture and all the other problems caused by excessive moisture in any space, such as mold.

Problems in the crawl space can pose a danger to the structural integrity of the house. Also, given that parts of the home’s major systems – HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and gas lines – are housed in the crawl space, Schambs team warns, problems in the crawl space can ripple out into other areas of the house.

If a home’s crawl space is damaged by water or termites, the cost of fixing that problem is often astronomical. Worse still, if the issue is not discovered on time, it can lead to foundation failure. Foundation failure is the most feared problem of homeowners.

This is why it is vital to protect your crawl space from moisture. While it is possible to do this by insulating the crawl space, there is no better way to keep moisture from damaging your home than by crawl space encapsulation. What is crawl space encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation and why it can improve the value of your home

When you encapsulate a crawl space, you add a heavy-duty moisture barrier to the area. Heavy-duty polyethylene barrier is used to line the floor, insulated walls, and ceiling of the crawl space. Just like the barrier in a swimming pool, this barrier also protects the crawl space from moisture.

But how will this upgrade affect the value of your home?

Any addition that reduces the risk of damage to a house and lowers the cost of maintaining that home will also make the property more valuable. That is because buyers know there will not be any unpleasant surprises if they buy the house. Therefore, they are willing to pay more.

Below are some tangible benefits of crawl space encapsulation that can result in higher property value.

8 Reasons to Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

1. Control moisture

Crawl space encapsulation gives you the upper hand in the fight against moisture infiltration. In a single day, as much as 18 gallons of water can build up inside your crawl space (it may be higher in summer when more moisture is in the air).

Inevitably, some moisture finds its way into the structures of the crawl space. Over time, constant exposure to moisture can cause wood rot, sweaty windows, and other moisture-related issues. But by doing crawl space encapsulation, you prevent these problems.

control moisture home value

2. Prevent pest infestation

Even in the best of times, crawl spaces are an attractive place for pests to hide or nest. If the crawl space also has a lot of moisture, it becomes even more conducive for invasion by pests. Insects inside the crawl space soon find their way into the home, or they damage the structures of the building. Crawl space encapsulation will make your crawl space unwelcoming to pests.

3. Avoid structural damage

The inevitable outcome of moisture and pests in the crawl space is structural damage. Moisture not only causes wood rot but also encourages mold and fungal growth. Termites feed on the house’s wooden structure, and rodents can burrow into the soil, undermining its foundation. But all of these can be prevented by crawl space encapsulation.

structural damage home value

4. An energy-efficient home

It is an uphill task to control your home’s temperature when the crawl space constantly siphons energy because of its moisture and temperature issues.  An exposed crawl space will force you to run your heater or AC longer before you can create comfortable conditions inside your home. You don’t know how much the crawl space costs you until you encapsulate the crawl space.

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5. Better indoor air quality

The air inside the crawl space is constantly moving upward into the home. If that air is stale or filled with dust and mold spores, it will compromise the health of everyone inside the house. Your family is exposed to a greater risk of respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions as a result. To solve your problem of poor indoor air quality, you should seal the crawl space with a heavy-duty vapor barrier.

6. A more comfortable home

All the problems listed above will affect the comfort of your home to varying degrees. But crawl space encapsulation can help you create a more comfortable home. By dealing with the issues militating against the efficiency of your HVAC, removing harmful materials from the air, and reducing the moisture content of indoor air, you make your home safer and more comfortable.

home comfort home value

7. Impactful cost savings

Crawl space encapsulation helps you save money. Your energy costs will be lower because your house is more energy efficient. You also reduce the risk of unnecessary repairs by lowering the risk of moisture infiltration into your home. Furthermore, your appliances and the other contents of your home will not damage as quickly.

8. More interest from buyers

When it is time to sell your home, you will get more attention from buyers because of this single feature of the house. Interest from many buyers means you will have an edge in the negotiations. You can list your home at a higher price and expect buyers to pay because they know they will save money on the house in the long term.

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