Why Install a Dranjer Drain for your Sump Pump

Today we are going to share some information about a little product that’s overlooked that I think everybody with a basement waterproofing system or crawl space waterproofing system and a sump pump should have installed, This can get you out of a tight spot if there is a sudden leak on your pipes.

What is a  Dranjer Drain

A dranjer drain is a small device that goes on your sump pump basin, and the name says it all it drains any water that will pool on top of your basin. The drain allows the water to flow down to the sump pump so it can do its job.

The reason why a tool like the dranjer drain is important is because of unforeseen water leaks, and this year in East TN flooding has happened so if the sump pump discharge is in an area that is not flooded this can save your basement or crawl space.

How to Install a Dranjer Drain

The installation is surprisingly easy, below I will walk you through the steps.

    • Drill a hole on the lid of the basin, sometimes they have pre marked holes
    • Fit dranjer drain and seal

The water will always go to the lowest part of the house, but sometimes it can take a while to know you have a leak. That is why we also have a watchdog water alarm that you can install anywhere there might be potential for leaking.

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