Air Seal Return Air Grille

Image of Air seal return air grille_thumbnail_smallThe return air grille is the part of the HVAC system that holds your air filter. The return air grille also allows air from your home to enter the hvac system so it can be conditioned. Most people don’t think about how important the return air grille can be to the life of your heat and air conditioning unit. It is extremely important to make sure it is properly sized for the flow of air to enter your HVAC system. If it is too small it can burn up the motor of the AC system. Also, the return air grille filter should be sized properly and maintained regularly.

Air Sealing The Cold Air Return

Another name for the return air grille is the cold air return. Many homeowners understand how important air sealing can be to energy efficiency. I have found most people never consider how important air sealing the cold air return can be to energy efficiency. HVAC make-up air is gathered from the cold air return. The make-up air is extremely dirty if the HVAC return is not sealed properly. When a cold air return is in the wall it pulls air from the wall cavity and the floors above and below it. This is the same for cold air return located in crawl spaces, unfinished basements and attics.

Air sealing the cold air return will improve the efficiency of your furnace filter.Some estimates show as much as 40 pounds of dust is created in your home every year. How much dust is recirculated through the HVAC system? Since dust fuels dust mites and dust is made of other allergens like pollen, mold spores and viruses. Capturing dust should be a concern for every homeowner, especially parents and those suffering with allergies.

image of Air Seal and insulate air ducts_small_return air grille

How To Air Seal Return Air Grille

Please watch this video where I go into detail on how to air seal the return air grille. Remember, air sealing will create a more efficient HVAC system. Air sealing will enable your filter to catch more dust. Air sealing should increase the life expectancy of the furnace system.

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