Flotec E50VLT Sump Pump Assessment

The Flotec E50VLT Sump Pump is designed to waterproof crawl spaces and basements and keep them dry. In this article, we will review this powerful sump pump and provide the specifications for the E50VLT. This is our #1 selling and installed sump pump for crawl space encapsulation and waterproofing.

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Flotec E50VLT Sump Pump Reliability

The cast iron design of the E50VLT sump pump makes it very reliable when you need it most. All sump pumps generate heat and the cast iron is able to withstand that heat better than its plastic counterparts. The cast iron design also makes it more resistant to corrosion. However, rust is still a major enemy you will battle so maintenance the sump pump annually. Lack of maintenance will reduce the life expectancy of all sump pumps.

Cast iron sumps pumps are extremely durable. They can extract large amounts of water and handle extreme pressure. This makes the cast iron design of the Flotec E50VLT sump pump and better choice over plastic pumps. Make sure you always install a Pump Sentry Battery Back-up System with your sump pump.

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The Power of the Flotec E50VLT Sump Pump

The Flotec E50VLT Sump Pump boasts a very strong 1/2 HP motor. This powerful pump moves lots of water but also is energy efficient and quiet compared with other sump pumps. The height you discharge the water does affect performance of all sump pumps.

Discharge height 0′ 5′ 10′ 15′ 20′ 22′ Max
Gal/min 80 72 61 44 17
Gal/hr 4800 4320 3660 2640 1020

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