Exterior Drainage – Hydraway vs French Drain

When waterproofing your home using exterior drainage options, many choose the french drain. But is there something better?

Homes will take on water more frequently when the exterior drainage system has failed to perform as intended. Over the years, footer drains, french drains, curtain drains, and downspout extensions get clogged.

The clogging disables the yard’s ability to move surface and subsurface water away from your home. What if there was a solution with zero failures used by homeowners and companies alike but you’ve never heard of it?

Traditional Exterior Yard Drainage

Most are familiar with the french drain and the types of pipes used in creating them. Another name for the french drain is curtain drain.

Curtain or “French” Drains

The idea is to create a curtain around the home to capture surface and subsurface water. This may keep water from overrunning the footer drain installed around the foundation during construction. Typically, the pipes used are perforated corrugated with a silt filter and aggregate. This type of installation can be used in the yard area as well as footers.

Commonly, traditional exterior yard drainage sees the footer drain become clogged due to the type of pipe being used.

Example of Poor Drainage

I redid the footer drain of a 1968 rancher to discover they used 2 feet long concrete pipe. Since concrete has no flexibility versus a typical drainpipe, the soil moved it over time. Of course, it became clogged, stopped working, and led to water intrusion. The water intrusion led to termite invasion along with mold. All because the wrong pipe was installed.

The long term issue is we still see water intrusion as a problem that has not gone away.

Although we are using a different pipe, materials and installation methods. Could we still be using the wrong type of pipe to divert and drain foundation water?

The Answer is the Hydraway Pipe’s Flow Rate

Hydraway is a different type of pipe than the traditional french drain pipe you find at the local hardware store. It is installed differently as well, requiring less dirt to be excavated and less aggregate to be installed. It moves more water because the water actually enters the system. Most perforated pipe prohibits water entry because the holes or slits are too small. Hydraway is 80% open versus less than 10% when compared to a traditional french drain pipe.

How does the Hydraway Pipe Divert Water?

Many times, the aggregate surrounding traditional french drain pipe allows more water to move than the pipe itself. Hydraway creates a channel that cannot be compromised. It is tested and proven to withstand great pressure. This keeps the water flowing. The pipe cannot be crushed or get smaller, therefore, does not see water flowrate diminish.

Watch this video that demonstrates Hydraway’s flow rate.

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