We recently had the opportunity to inspect a 1920s era Carnegie home built in Florida,  the home has a wonderful history with some interesting features!

This story began when the company remodeling the house reached out, it happened that a trip matched up and the opportunity developed.

The house has an attic, a basement and a crawl space! and it backs up to a river but we took a challenge and inspected it.

The attic is spacious, and it is said that the main support beams where designed by a famous person? watch the video below to find out who!

the house also had a cistern system, this was the most interesting part of the house because in the olden days they stored water and filtered it using coal and it is still for the most part intact.

The basement is adjacent to the cisterns and the crawl space, the crawl space is unique and filled with concrete to the point that you can slide around.

overall we had fun visiting this project and we with them well, for a full in depth review take a look at the video below!

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