How to Insulate Stone or Brick Walls

I recently received a question via our YouTube Channel from Neil in New Hampshire:

“hi Mike, your videos have been very informative thank you. (thank you Neil 🙂 ) I’m about to encapsulate my crawl space and could use some advice. I live in New Hampshire where it is extremely humid in the summer and quite snowy and cold in the winter. My crawl space is stacked stone and very uneven. I was wondering if you recommend froth Pack or any other two part closed cell spray on the stone or just use the foam board against it?”

Neil, we have issues like this as well. Many times homes we face are brick foundation walls built in the early to late 1900s and applying a foam board to uneven walls is very difficult. But, there is another problem.

Stack stone and brick is difficult to drill into and place a Christmas tree fastener or to shoot a Hilti nail could damage the mortar or brick.

As you can see from this picture, we applied a two component spray foam in order to air seal the foundation wall as well as give the wall a thermal barrier in our encapsulated crawl space.

I’d love to see some photos of when your done with your project. You can put them on our FaceBook page if you like

Good luck and thanks for the question.

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Spray Foam Insulation on Brick Walls

2 thoughts on “How to Insulate Stone or Brick Walls”

  1. First off, I’ve got thank you for sharing all that information on your videos. I can’t thank you enough. I trust you and your knowledge.
    So, how do you secure the floor vapor barrier to spray foam walls? I’m doing a DIY in coastal NC. I have bare, roughly grouted brick walls. I figure 2 part spray foam for insulation is the best option. You mention in one video that you sprayed to the barrier or something similar. What’s the best method at this point? Thanks Mike.

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