Can I Attach Foamboard to Foundation Walls with Adhesive

We got a great Ask A Ninja this week from Piperton, TN. Piperton is near Memphis, Tennessee. If you or someone you know would like to help us expand to that area please click here. The question was:

“Can I Attach Foamboard to Foundation Walls with Adhesive or should I use a mechanical fastener for block and concrete walls?”

Many crawl space DIYers and companies out there like to install vapor barrier and wall insulation using adhesive like spray foam or caulk. In fact, radon mitigation systems require polyurethane caulks as part of the install process.

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How do I Attach Foamboard to Block and Concrete Walls

When you attach foamboard to block or CMU walls, we like using a mechanical fastener like a masonry nail or masonry screw. Over the years the weight of the foamboard can put a lot of pressure on sealants and adhesives. Also, an adhesive will slow down the project. Adhesives need to set in order to hold the weight. Using a masonry drill bit and screw with a washer tends to go faster than an adhesive.

Foam board on crawl space foundation walls

Can I Use Butyl Tape with Foamboard

When I was doing projects by myself, using butyl tape was a great way to temporarily secure the foam board as I mechanically attached it to the wall. The same can be said for vapor barrier installation. I would even recommend this way of installation over adhesives when it comes to foam board.

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  1. Robert Greenway

    I have a clay brick foundation wall. How best to install either insulation board or plastic to the interior wall

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