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Fix Yard Drainage – Downspout Extensions

By Michael Church | July 29, 2020

On June 17 I wrote an article about “How Do I Fix a Drainage Problem in My Yard.” and I began listing five tips but only got to three due to the length of the article. Downspout extensions is the 4th tip or problem I would taking when dealing with yard drainage issues. Click Here…

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Basement Concrete Crack Repair

By Michael Church | July 22, 2020

Basement concrete crack repair is a great way to stop water infiltration and slow soil gases from entering the basement. Fixing concrete cracks immediately will also prevent them from getting worse. Concrete crack repair is offered as a DIY solution or you can hire Crawl Space Ninja to take care of for you. Basement concrete…

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Carbon Fiber Bowed Wall Repair

By Michael Church | July 15, 2020

Do you have bowed walls and are searching if carbon fiber can help repair them? Many homes across the country suffer from flooding, high humidity, mold, and hydro-static pressure. All of these are signs of a home in need of waterproofing and bowed wall repair. Can Carbon Fiber Straighten My Wall Don’t get sucked in…

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Do I need a Check Valve on My Sump Pump

By Michael Church | July 8, 2020

What is a check valve? Most people are familiar with the operation of a check valve. It allows water to pass in one direction only. Some may call it a back-flow preventer. Its job is to prevent water or solids from coming back into the sump pump. What Height to Install Check Valve Crawl Space…

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Vapor Barrier Underlayment

By Michael Church | July 1, 2020

Adding a vapor barrier underlayment to crawl space encapsulation, is it worth it? When do you need it and why should you consider installing it? Unconditioned crawl spaces are great places for mold, high humidity, damaged sub-floors, and standing water. Crawl space vapor barrier underlayment adds another layer of protection. This can make sure the…

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What is a Sump Pump Basin

By Michael Church | June 24, 2020

What is a sump pump basin? Is a basin necessary when installing a sump pump or waterproofing system? Why did my contractor tell me I don’t need one? These questions are asked by homeowners with wet crawl spaces and basements that want to address standing water. I have seen sump pumps without a basin and…

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How Do I Fix a Drainage Problem in My Yard

By Michael Church | June 17, 2020

Is standing water in your yard a big deal? Many homeowners are not that concerned about areas of the yard that stay wet all the time, until of course the basement, slab, or crawl space floods. Then they are asking, “How do I fix a drainage problem in my yard?” In some areas of the…

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Battery Back-Up

By Michael Church | June 13, 2020

I know that 99% of people that perform crawl space encapsulation with waterproofing do not install a battery back-up system. Just like proper crawl space insulation, it is overlooked and many times its importance is not explained to homeowners. Have you ever invested a lot of money on something but skimped on that one thing…

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