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Crawl Space Encapsulation Vent Fan

By Michael Church | May 30, 2020

Are you asking if a vent fan is needed when encapsulating your crawl space? In this article we explain what we recommend per EPA guidelines when it comes to crawl space ventilation. Foundation Vent Fan The foundation vent fan is a concept pretty unique when it comes to building practices. Similar to attic ventilation, it…

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Dehumidifier

By Michael Church | May 27, 2020

Are you considering an encapsulation dehumidifier for your crawl space repair project? Perhaps you were told a dehumidifier is not needed for your crawl space. Maybe the crawl space inspector that came to your home said their dehumidifier will kill mold. If all of this seems confusing, please read this article. Dehumidifier Purpose Keep in…

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Vapor Barrier

By Michael Church | May 23, 2020

Encapsulation vapor barrier is typically not available at major retail stores. Most of the vapor barrier plastics found at Wal-Mart, Amazon and Home Depot are 6-mil or less. Using a cheaper thinner vapor barrier for crawl space encapsulation has some challenges that we will discuss in this article. Encapsulation Vapor Barrier Thickness Painters plastic is…

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Seam Tape

By Michael Church | May 20, 2020

Seam tape, is it necessary to use it to encapsulate your crawl space? What purpose does it serve? Why do so many contractors not install it or install the wrong type or incorrectly? Does code require you to use seam tape in the crawl space? Can’t you just use duct tape? These are some of…

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NDS Certified Drainage Contractor

By Michael Church | May 16, 2020

We are proud to announce we are NDS Certified Drainage Contractors. Crawl Space Ninja is a leader in basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation and now we are taking that knowledge to address yard drainage. Diagnose Your Yard Drainage Problem Being a Certified NDS Drainage Contractor arms us with the knowledge to assess and diagnose…

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How to Cool an Attic Bedroom With No Insulation

By Michael Church | May 13, 2020

Remember when you thought having an attic bedroom would be cool? Well, you were probably thinking about the word “cool” in more ways than one, because as you have learned by now, attics can be anything but cool. Especially when there is not enough ventilation to help regulate the temperatures. Today I want to discuss…

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Should I Clean My Air Ducts? Scam or Worth it?

By Michael Church | May 9, 2020

Most homeowners are familiar with duct cleaning. You have probably seen a big truck pull up to your neighbor with all kinds of pipes and hoses being offloaded and thought to yourself, should I get my air ducts cleaned? I know my neighbor is doing it, but are they getting ripped off? Will Duct Cleaning…

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Effective Virus Protection by Controlling Humidity

By Pedro Mendoza | April 24, 2020

Crawl Space Ninja started to improve indoor air quality. Many don’t realize the impact poor indoor air quality has on their health. The spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus has opened many eyes to the impact viruses, germs, bacteria and mold can have on your indoor air quality. Effective virus protection starts by controlling humidity. Reduce…

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