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Is HEPA Vacuuming Good for Mold in Crawl Space

By Michael Church | September 30, 2020

HEPA vacuuming mold is pretty much standard with mold remediation contractors. Most of these contractors have been trained to apply disinfectants and use HEPA vacuuming to remove visible molds. I should also mention – most of these mold contractors don’t work in crawl spaces that often. What is HEPA Vacuuming The problem with HEPA vacuums…

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Is Spray Foam Good for My Crawl Space Sub-floor

By Michael Church | September 23, 2020

Are you considering spray foaming the sub-floor of your crawl space in order to make your home more comfortable and maybe even save some money? Many contractors and DIYers are using this method but what are the risks involved with spray foam on the sub-floor? Spray Foam Traps Moisture If you spray foam your sub-floor…

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8 Things All Sump Pump Owners Need to Know

By Michael Church | September 16, 2020

Do you have a sump pump installed in your basement or crawl space? Ever wonder how to make them run better or keep them running longer? I can only assume that you did not spend all that money and time installing a sump pump only to have it fail when it is needed the most.…

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What is Foundation Wall Shearing

By Michael Church | September 9, 2020

Foundation wall shearing affects many basements and crawl spaces throughout the United States. Most of the homes that experience shearing are older but newer homes can experience shearing as well. Foundation wall shearing happens when too much pressure on the outside of the wall is pushing in to the wall. The taller the foundation wall…

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Why is My Ductwork Sweating

By Michael Church | September 2, 2020

I recently received a great question on one of our crawl space encapsulation posts: Hi! I am in the process of encapsulating my crawl space and when checking the insulation around the duct work, it is completely soaked. Do I need to replace the insulation over the duct work or can I remove all duct…

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Should Rim Joist Be Insulated?

By Michael Church | August 26, 2020

The rim joist is a joist that runs around the perimeter of the floor joists and home. It normally is accessed via the crawl space or basement and according to is a critical place to air seal your home. Critical Seal (Spray Foam Rim Joist) Rim joist insulation is ignored by many professional…

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Crawl Space Ninja Nashville Featured Article

By Michael Church | August 19, 2020

Recently Crawl Space Ninja of Nashville, TN was Featured in the Franchisee Story of Franchise Consultant Magazine. The Chapman’s have a unique story to tell. They hired a crawl space company to fix their crawl space in early 2019. But the company only covered up the issues that could be seen and left them with…

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Crawl Space Ninja Opens in Raleigh North Carolina

By Michael Church | August 12, 2020

Crawl Space Ninja officially opens in Raleigh, North Carolina to help homeowners improve their air quality! We are so excited to welcome Chris and Jessica Jackson to our Crawl Space Ninja Family. Chris and Jessica are the very first owners located in North Carolina. They are committed to excellence and customer service. Their leadership skills…

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