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Closing Crawl Space Vents in the Winter – Myth #11

By Kayla Wilson | May 3, 2019

This week’s myth is one we hear all the time: “Well, I’m gonna open my vents in the summer and close them in the winter in order to control humidity.” At this point in the series, I think you know where this is going… When To Close Crawl Space Vents So, is that true? Should…

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Can Vapor Barrier Control Humidity? – Myth #10

By Kayla Wilson | April 12, 2019

This week we’re on myth #10 of our Crawl Space Myths Series! A lot of contractors will tell you that installing a vapor barrier is enough to control humidity in your crawl space. We think that’s a myth, let us explain why. Controlling Crawl Space Humidity Okay, so we get asked all the time, “Does…

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Standing Water Affects Humidity – Myth #9

By Kayla Wilson | April 5, 2019

Standing Water In The Crawl Space Can you control crawl space humidity by removing standing water? Well, since this is a myth series, you probably already know the answer. Removing standing water is a great way to help reduce some humidity, but you know what, removing standing water alone does not control humidity. I can’t…

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Disinfecting Mold on Wet Wood – Myth #8

By Kayla Wilson | March 29, 2019

This week we’re talking about how to disinfect mold properly. Some say it’s okay to spray disinfectant while the wood is still wet, but is that okay? Crawl Space Mold Removal So guess what? Mold protocol actually requires you to lower the humidity and dry out the surface that you’re disinfecting. Imagine you’re in your…

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Can Fiberglass Insulation Be Reused? – Myth #7

By Michael Church | March 22, 2019

This week we’re continuing our myth series about recycling/reusing the insulation in your crawl space. Reusing Crawl Space Insulation Whether out of lack of knowledge or pure laziness, there are a lot of crawl space companies out there who will reuse the fiberglass in your subfloor. They will pull the insulation down to the ground, spray…

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Fiberglass & Mold Remediation – Myth # 6

By Michael Church | March 15, 2019

In today’s post, we’re gonna talk about the myth of leaving the insulation in place between the joists when removing mold. Is this a good idea? Crawl Space Insulation We get a lot, a lot, a lot of homeowners that tell us that the crawl space contractor that was there three days ago looking at…

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Do Dehumidifiers Make Mold Go Dormant? – Myth #5

By Michael Church | March 8, 2019

Today we’re gonna cover the myth about dehumidifiers killing mold. Can Mold Go Dormant? Man, do we hear this a lot: “Mister homeowner, if you install a dehumidifier, it’s gonna kill all the mold in your crawl space, or make it go dormant.“ Well, which is it? Does it kill it, or does it make…

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Crawl Space Ventilation – Myth #4

By Michael Church | March 1, 2019

In this crawl space myth-busting video, we’re going to talk about “Do you need ventilation or not in your crawl space?” Most companies say you don’t need ventilation in an encapsulated crawl space. Why do crawl space contractors say that installing a dehumidifier to address high humidity eliminates the need for crawl space ventilation? Soil…

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