Solar Attic Fan Install

In video below, we review the Solar Royal SR1800 25W solar attic fan. This is a great solar fan for any DIY project. Getting proper attic ventilation without using electricity is a smart way to keep your attic cool.

Other Energy Saving Tips

    • Remove Insulation and Spray Foam Attic Floor
    • Insulate Duct work
    • Change Air Filters Regularly
    • Install Attic Stair Cover
    • Install Radiant Barrier
    • Properly Ventilate bathrooms

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Point Solar Fans South

Typically you want the solar cells of the solar attic fan pointed south according to the solar attic fan installation manual so if you have to put it on the back to the roof because a cosmetic reasons or whatever you can tilt the solar pane up to make sure that you get maximum efficiency.

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Another nice thing about solar attic fans is that you’re 100 percent off grid when it comes to power as soon as the Sun hits this attic fan it’s going. As a night approaches the solar attic fan turns itself off so you’re trying to keep the air moving
on the hottest part of the day but you also got to make sure you do other things in the attic like insulate properly air seal and possibly even install radiant barrier like this rooftop where there’s no shade.

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