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A recent question that we received was regarding a battery backup for your sump pump, is it really needed? Well if you live in East Tennessee and happen to have LCUB as your electric provider you have a scary mix. Historic rainfall and a dodgy power grid can leave you with a potential mixed bag of sogginess!


Pump Sentry 822PS

This battery back up has the ability to help a half horse power sump pump, so keep that in mind when looking at this product keep that in mind. If you are the type of person that looks at watts and understands that better this next part is for you, if your sump pump is 1,200 watts and 9 amps or lower then the Pump Sentry 822ps will work for you. If your sump pump is needing more power than that you might want to use the Pump Sentry 1622PS will is rated for a 3/4HP sump pump ( 14 amps, 1800 amps)


Why use The Pump Sentry

You might want to know what makes this battery back up worthy or your Basement or crawl space, well here are a few reasons why you should invest:

    • All the wires are included and color coordinated
    • Easy to install either on a wall or with a 2×10 from a floor joist
    • Indicator lights that tell you if your battery is in optimal condition


This back up will switch from battery power to electric power on its own, so once you hook it up to your sump pump all you have to do is make sure the batter stays charged and in an event that power is out and you need it will work

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